The Killing Blow

Life and death is a very fine edged sword that we all walk on. At some point, most players will either give or receive a killing blow.

Keep in mind: Whether that player is a PC or NPC please be considerate when they are sprawled out on the ground and be careful not to step on them.

Similarly, when you fall to 0 HP, do not spread out unto the ground. Simply crouch or take a knee. If possible, take a step and “fall” toward a wall or tree, aiming to get away from the middle of the fighting space — this may seem unreal or undramatic, but safety is the highest priority in Seventh Kingdom.

What exactly is a ‘killing blow’?

-For a Non-player character (NPC); when that NPC reaches 0 Hit Points they fall to the ground. To ensure they do not regenerate or to make sure they cannot receive a heal and continue to fight, players can perform a killing blow on the NPC. When a NPC receives a killing blow, he will be usually be completely dead and will either continue to lay dead on the floor or else, will get up and walk away from the battle.

-For a Player character (PC): when a PC receives a killing blow, he is brought to the 2 minute critical stage of their death count (see below).

To perform a killing blow:

-Invoke out loud “Killing Blow 1, Killing Blow 2, Killing blow 3! X” (where “X” is the damage your attack would have inflicted) and tap the target gently, placing them in the critical stage of their death count.

Receiving a killing blow 

– When you receive a Killing Blow while at 0 HP, you immediately drop to your Critical Death count during which you have 2 minutes of unconscious unresponsiveness before your character finally reaches death.

– If you receive a Killing Blow while not at 0 HP, you take the damage invoked and must react accordingly (as per the step and grunt rules). This does not drop you to 0 HP or your Critical Death count.