The famous Step Back Rule

Sometimes called the “Step Back Rule”, the “One Step” rule or the “Step and Grunt Rule”

What exactly is this rule?

When taking damage, the Vocalize Rule takes effect. In short the Rule means: when a player (PC or NPC) is hit with any damage that player must make an appropriate noise (e.g. grunting in pain or even just saying “Ouch!) and stop forward momentum. Characters are encouraged although not required to take a single step backwards.

Why is this rule enforced?

This rule is primarily for safety purposes, discouraging combatants from running into one another. It is also to improve immersion of the game, adding an ebb and flow to the melee scene as well as the grunts or cries of pain that such a fight should have. .

We require all players to follow this rule and will be closely watched. Points will be awarded to players who go above and beyond the call of duty when acting out damage. These points will go toward the ‘Role-playing build’ that players will receive if the role-playing requirements are met.

NOTE: This rule is in place for SAFETY and not to be used for a players combat advantage. If players are found to be ‘corralling’ NPCs, they will be spoken to.