Teaching in Seventh Kingdom


This skill can be purchased off the Everyman List for 3 build, the skill complexity is Basic.

You can use this skill to teach another person a skill/feat/spell/formula that you know. It takes 10-30 minutes along with some sort of payment (gold, components, favors, etc.) to teach someone the basics of what he needs to know. Role-play the process accordingly.


After you have taught him the fundamentals:


Sign the student’s card with your full name and CSN.

List which skill was taught

Also, list how much build the skill costs along with WHICH list it was learned from.

If these above steps are NOT followed the student will have NOT learned the skill. It is also the student’s responsibility to make sure the teacher has signed the card and listed the necessary information.


At the start of the next event, the student can spend his build points to place on his character sheet what you taught him.


To clear up a few points:


Learn – A teacher or fellow player teaches you the skill you are interested in learning. It’s up to the teacher how much the student needs to pay and how long it will take to teach the student. The skill needs to be recorded along with the teacher’s signature, the amount of build the skill costs, and which list the skill is taken from. If it is NOT recorded down then you did not learn the skill. This is BOTH the teacher’s and student’s responsibility. By learning the skill this means you now can gain the skill after a month of ‘practicing’ (this is why you get it at the NEXT event you attend). If found out that you are using a skill you’ve just ‘learned’, you will be spoken to.


Gain – Once you’ve learned the skill and a month has passed you now have a chance to gain that skill. At this point is when the build is required to gain it. If you do not have the build that is required to gain the skill you will not gain it until you do have the required amount whether it be at the end of that event or three events down the road. A player can only gain ONE skill per event.


At any event you can ‘learn’ as many skills as you want. This is to help players take advantage when there is a teacher around and ‘learn’ as much as the teacher will tolerate to teach. Keep in mind though that teachers charge for teaching and some are rather grouchy if they teach more than one or two skills a month. While some will just ask for favors and will spend all day teaching you the ways of your path.


The next event you attend you will have the chance to ‘gain’ ONE of the skills that you ‘learned’ the past event. The only requirements of ‘gaining’ a skill is a month has to pass and you must have the required amount of build