Spirit Points (SPs)

What exactly are Spirit Points?

Spirit points (SP) represent the willpower, physical ability of a character to generate special effects such as spells or feats. Each character will have a different number of SP. Listed next to every spell or feat  the amount of Spirit Points needed to cast that spell or use that feat successfully is mentioned.

How do I gain Spirit Points?    (Updated 7/1/2016)

At level 1, you start out with 5 SP (gnomes receive 6 SP). You may increase your available pool of SP by spending build points on the Apotheosis skill. Max SP is ten, and you may never have more SP than that.

How do I regain my Spirit Points?

Spirit Points can be completely replenished after a character spends 10 minutes resting, also called a Short Rest. During a short rest, a PC must engage in restful activity. This need not be sleep. Merely sitting down, reading a tome, calmly meditating or even casual conversation counts as restful activity. A character can keep a watch while engaging in a Short Rest but he cannot hide or channel spells (though some skills may allow a character to bypass this restriction).

A character cannot take a short rest if combat is happening in the immediate vicinity, even if he is just watching and not participating. He or she must exit the area entirely and be in a place of relative calm and tranquility to gain the benefits of a short rest.

There are also spells and potions that will help replenish your Spirit Points.

Calculating SP:

On the back of all character sheets there is an area to calculate the total number of SP you have. Keep the grand total written down on the back of the card in this section. Failure to do so at the end of the event will result in loss of your Combat/RP build.