Spell Targeting and Delivery

Caster: This type of spell will only affect the caster. It cannot be given to anyone else and latent spells of this type cannot be stolen.

Touch: After this spell is cast, it will either affect the caster or anyone the caster can touch with a spell-packet in her hand.

Bolt: This spell can be a touch spell or can be cast upon a distant target. In order to affect someone with a spell, you must hit them with a spell-packet and announce the spell’s effect. It will not affect them if they cannot hear you. A hit with a spell-packet on a shield or on a weapon still counts as a hit.

Wave: Like a bolt spell except that this spell must be cast over a distance. The spell will allow the spell-caster to throw multiple-spell packets (the number following “wave”), each with identical effects such as damage or stunning or even healing.

After casting this spell, the spell-caster has 10 seconds to throw as many packets as he is allowed, during which he may not move but he may turn around. Moving ends the spell and prevents the spell-caster from casting the remainder of this spell. When casting a wave spell, preface each throw of a spell-packet with the word “wave”.

Whirlwind: This spell automatically affects everyone within weapon reach and a step of you. This may be negated by any Defense feat or spell that resists melee or ranged attacks.