Service Points (SVPs)

There are several ways a player can gain Service Points.

-Service points are gained through donating time or items to the game. All donated items must be given to the game director to receive points for them.

-You can gain 1 SVP for every dollar donated and 5-10 SVP for every hour put into a donation. Provide receipts so that you can receive the proper service point reimbursement. The donation list and rules can be found on the Forums. The list is constantly updated and every month there are specific items that are worth extra points.

-If you attend a Work Day, you will be awarded 10 SVP for every hour there. These Work Days are meetings scheduled by Staff members and something must be accomplished; whether it be making weapons, sewing tabards, building something on camp, etc.

-Advertising. If any advertising is done by the player and the player has proof of some kind, Service Points will be awarded.

How do I redeem my service points or see how many I have?

– Simply email the game director with the subject line “SVPS” and in the body of the email, what you want to do or know.

What are Service Points worth?

  • Windfall—50 Gold to a character you own (100 Service)
  • Good Fortune* (100 Service)
  • 1 Build (100 Service)
  • Good Kharma** (1000 service)
  • Racial Legacy (1000 Service)

*Good Fortune – expend this ability and say “Good Fortune” to heal 1 HP while you are in your First Death count or to gain the effect of a Blind Evade/Dodge/Parry. After doing so, bring the Phys-rep to Staff to gain a random secondary benefit that lasts until the end of the current Event . This item cannot be stolen. This item is occasionally rewarded to players by staff for exceptional role playing or combat safety.

**Good Kharma – (expend 10 Good Fortunes to gain Good Kharma) expend Good Kharma to not lose any lives when using the Soul Well. You have a chance of getting a secondary benefit but you still might suffer an affliction from the Soul Well.  This item cannot be stolen.