Ranged Combat

Arrow Packet vs. Spell Packet vs. Throwing Weapon

An arrow packet looks like a spell packet except that it has strings or tassels attached at its end. 

Unlike a spell-packet, attacks delivered via arrow packet will not affect a target if it strikes a target’s shield or weapon. 

Throwing weapons (daggers, hammers and the like) can be made of open-cell foam. The Marksmen receive an ability to use arrow-packets in lieu of throwing weapons so long as they have a thrown weapon in their off-hand and at least 5 throwing weapons on their person, a definite benefit since arrow-packets are smaller and tend to be easier to throw.

Throwing weapons or arrow packets that have been snatched from mid-air are considered to have hit the catcher.  There will be skills and abilities later in game that allow a catcher to perform this feat of skill without taking damage. 


Verbal: To “aim”, simply succeed the word “aiming” with an increasing number (starting with “1”) until you’ve reached the desired aiming count. This count needs to be done verbally and carefully although it need not be too loud – aiming can be done in a whisper.

At the end of the count, you may throw the arrow-packet or throwing weapon. You must declare the damage or effect in mid-throw at the latest. If a ranged attack feat is used, it must be invoked right before you throw.

Somatic: While aiming, you must role-play the aiming process. With a bow or a crossbow, you must raise the implement/physical representation with your off-hand as though you were truly aiming and ready an arrow packet in the other hand.

Unlike its magical counterpart, Channeling, you can walk at a slow pace while aiming – taking one step every second.

Unless you have the “Grace Under Fire” skill, your aiming is interrupted when you take damage. Even with “Grace Under Fire”, aiming will be interrupted if you take one of the following effects while you are aiming:

  • Stun
  • Daze
  • Confuse
  • Blind
  • Fear
  • Knockback
  • Shackle
  • Pacify

Special: Taunt effects do not affect aiming directly although they may require the archer to change their actions somewhat- A taunted archer must target his taunter.

Material: To aim with a bow or a crossbow, you need an arrow packet in one hand and your weapon in the other hand. You also need a physical representation of a quiver on your person to use ranged weapons.

With a throwing weapon, you only need the throwing weapon ready to throw. The exception to this is when one uses the Marksman ability to throw arrow-packets instead of throwing weapons – in this case, a Marksman needs to have a thrown weapon in their off-hand and at least 5 throwing weapons on their person.