Player Perks

Player Perks

Seventh Kingdom IGE players receive additional perks as opportunities arise. Please see below for player eligibility and further information.

Raffle Rules and Information
Eligibility: To be eligible for the prize, players MUST be present at game on, Friday night of the event (or at the end of registration for one day events). Players will receive one raffle ticket when they register with logistics. Raffle tickets are included in the event price. Players choosing to NPC are also eligible for raffles. Staff and Wolfpack members are not eligible. Seventh Kingdom IGE, its representatives, and sponsors are not responsible for prize items lost after distribution.

Raffle items are usually announced up to a month before the event during which they will be raffled, but surprise items may be added without advanced notice.

There is no additional cost to purchase a normal raffle ticket; it is included in the cost of the game. Special event raffle items may incur different rules, which will be pre-announced.

If you are a vendor looking to offer a raffle item in exchange for some free publicity on our website, social media, and among our grateful player base, please contact the Marketing Director at


Player Discounts

Eligibility for Discounts: To be considered a Seventh Kingdom player, you will have attended and/or paid for a Seventh Kingdom IGE event or you have a pre-registration for one or more future events (this includes NPC registrants).

Calimacil – 15% off shop – 20% off

If you are an SK player wanting to take advantage of this deal, please make sure you are registered on the forum. Contact with your name, CSN, and character name/NPC played status.

To browse the Calimacil catalog, check out the Calimacil website and the Facebook fan page.