NPCs vs. PCs

What does PC stand for?

PC stands for Player Character. This is what most of the players will consider themselves, a Player Character.

What does NPC stand for?

NPC stands for Non Player Character. When players call themselves a NPCn they are usually a plot character whether that is a teacher, merchant, monster, evil boss, etc. that is sent out by Staff. If Seventh Kingdom IGE was a play or a TV show, the Player Characters are the main cast and the primary movers of the plotline. Meanwhile the NPCs and the Staff are the supporting cast and the backstage crew.

Are there required NPC shifts?

No, there are no required NPC shifts. However, NPC shifts are offered to interested parties, either in hourly shifts or the whole weekend. Players that decide to NPC for a shift or the whole weekend will receive extra bonuses. These bonuses can be found under the NPC tab under New Players.

The Staff of Seventh Kingdom IGE reserves the right to deny NPC shifts for any reason. However, unless a severe violation has been committed, NPC shifts will always be awarded their due in build and/or gold.