Money, Trade and In Game Economy

Will money be physically represented in this game?

Gold coins and Iron Bank script (in the form of laminated cards) function as currency within the game world. Furthermore when Players first create a character they will roll for their starting gold, the amount of which are varied.

Will there be other things used in trade?

There will be components that can be found out in the wilderness in game. The components will have tags on them and is up to the player to learn what each component is worth and what they are used for. There are multiple ways to find out… such as asking the traveling merchant, speaking to the local Inn Keeper, or experimenting and finding out the hard way.

Along with components that will be used in professions we will also have magical potions, herbs, scrolls, treasure items scattered once again in the wilderness either growing wild or found in treasure chests. Anyone can collect these items and once again will have no idea what they are worth or what the side effects may be until someone with the knowledge is found or the players try them for themselves. The value of an items will may decrease or increase over time as the town’s economy waxes and wanes.