Mailing In-Game Letters

At Seventh Kingdom IGE, players who have attended at least one event are allowed to send letters to NPCs in between events. However, there are specific rules that must be followed by all players sending letters. Failure to follow these rules will result in your letter being unrecognized.

Rules to follow when writing letters to Seventh Kingdom NPC’s:

  • All letters must be digitally sent to Staff at No messages sent through Facebook or any other e-mail will be accepted.
  • All letters must include your real name, your character name, and the letter recipient.
  • All letters must be sent 2 weeks before the future event, or staff will not have time to read it and respond
  • You must have attended at least one event as your character to send an in game letter to an NPC.
  • Players (not Player Characters) may only send a maximum of 2 letters per Moon to Non-player Characters. This also encourages Players to focus their correspondences and letters accordingly, only writing things of importance to those that they correspond with. Player Characters who are Envoys or of a similar office are not exempt from these limitations and if they find these problematic, they are encouraged to utilize assistance from other Player Characters for their duties.This limitation to letters may not be circumvented by directly going to NPCs between events or through any other method.

You can send a letter to an NPC if:

  • They are a public figure (i.e. an Envoy, a Sheriff, the leader of a non-secret Power Group).
  • They have contacted you in the past through mail or courier.
  • You have spoken to them in-person and have asked to contact them through mail.

If none of these requirements have been fulfilled, then letters to that person or organization will go unrecognized. If you are unsure as to whether or not you can write a certain person or organization, please ask Staff if your target is a valid one for letters.

NOTE: Responses to these letters will be given only during events, never between events. Not all letters will generate responses or replies, depending on the nature of the recipient and the nature of their relationship with the sender.