Lay On and Hold Information

What does Lay On mean?

-Lay On is called to signify the starting of the game. Whether it’s the first inital game lay on or if someone calls hold, to resume game play players will call “1,2,3 Lay on!”.


-Hold is called for multiple reasons, one of the major reasons being injury. When a player hears another player yell “Hold!” it is required that any player that hears a hold called also calls hold so everyone in the vicinity hears the call. It almost sounds like an echo. Players then take a knee and wait quietly in place until they either learn why they are holding or hear lay on called. Usually this will be called if a player is hurt or if a Game Marshall has something to say that pertains to the scene taking place. The Hold Rule is strictly enforced.

When and what is initial Lay On?

-Initial lay on is the first lay on of an event to let players know that the game has officially started for the weekend. Initial lay on is between 9:00 to 11:00pm on Friday night. Staff members will keep the players updated when lay on will take place that night. Lay On times can change due to weather, a large amount of players arriving late, people still checking in, etc. Before lay on we will gather the entire camp to go over some last minute changes, any announcements and anything else we need the players to know.