Illegal Combat Moves

Below are listed the most common rule violations to Seventh Kingdom IGE’s combat system. While the Player characters and Non-player characters are using inspected and approved simulation weapons, the listed actions below are prohibited to ensure the safety of the Player base during the chaos and fracas of simulated melee combat.

Players seen performing any of the below mentioned moves, will be issued warnings by the Staff of Seventh Kingdom IGE. Continued dangerous or unsafe fighting will be punished accordingly, up to and including in-game life loss, suspension from combat or permanent suspension from the game.

Baseball swings

Both Player Characters and Non-player characters are advised to never strike their targets at full strength and/or with a full swing. While some pull back is required when striking a combatant, one should never apply the fullness of one’s real strength in an attack on their target’s body. Called ‘Baseball swings’ or ‘full swings’, these wind-up strikes can inflict real-world injury.

Charging and the Step and Grunt Rule

When entering combat with another Player Character or a Non-player character, combatants are disallowed from running headlong into the fight. The way to engage another character in combat is to slow movement to a walk while you are 10 or so paces away before entering melee range. Failure to slow one’s movement during engagement is called “Charging” and is unsafe because it may cause one or both parties to run into each other and cause injuries.

Another form of Charging is during melee combat (or leading to melee combat), when a combatant who is taking damage does not stop forward momentum and/or take a step back, violating the “Step and Grunt Rule”. This rule encourages safe distances between combatants and ensures an even flow in combat, allowing ranged characters some capacity to slow down attackers and allowing retreating characters some measure of respite. This form of Charging is most apparent when an attacker continues to press and engage despite continually taking hits that should stop their advance.


In combat, adequate distance must be granted between combatants to ensure safety and to prevent the targets from running into each other. Fighters must strive to maintain at least arm lengths away from each other. The violation of this rule is often called “Hugging”. Sometimes, combatants may need to dart in because of shorter arms or shorter weapons, but the arm-length rule should be observed.

If you can strike a target’s back while he or she is facing you, then you are most likely too close.


Combatants are encouraged to swing at a relatively measured pace. While skill and quickness can allow some fighters to strike faster than others, the following rules must apply:

— Combatants may never strike faster than they can call Damage or Effects
— Combatants should be in full control of their strikes.
— Combatants should not strike the same area twice in a row unless they pull their weapon a full 45 degrees before doing so. You may circumvent this by striking at different areas or with different weapons.

Failure to follow the above rules is often called “Machine-gunning”. ‘


Those combatants who wield shields have a special responsibility when using them. These combatants may NOT use a shield which is too big for them (i.e. bigger than the length of their shoulder to their knee).

Furthermore, when using the shield, they may not cover their body in entirety, leaving only illegal areas to strike at. Called “Turtling”, this practice encourages unsafe fighting from their opponent, who are only given illegal areas to strike or must move to an unsafe proximity to strike at vulnerable areas.

Shield bashing

Shields in Seventh Kingdom IGE’s simulated combat are meant only for defense. While shield bashing and shield slamming were legitimate maneuvers in medieval combat, they are considered too unsafe for the game’s combat system. Therefore, shields should never be used to strike at a target in combat. Similarly, when using a shield to defend, it should never touch anyone else while it is in motion.

Unsafe physical combat

Unsafe physical combat includes wrestling, boxing, and jump kicking while in combat; all of these things are extremely unsafe and potentially dangerous. While Seventh Kingdom IGE approves such combats when both parties are in consent, the game still heavily discourages this type of interaction.