IG vs. OOG

What does IG stand for?

-IG stands for In Game. When someone or something says they are ‘in game’ that means they are actually playing in the in game world.

What does OOG stand for?

-OOG stands for Out Of Game. When someone or somthing either 1.) says they are out of game 2.) is wearing a white head band or 3.) is holding their hands or weapons above their head that signifies that they are out of game. They are invisible to the players that are in game.

Do you require your players to stay IG all weekend long?

-Yes. The only  OOG Players should be injured or sick OOG  or those mandated by the Staff as such.

Unless Seventh Kingdom IGE’s Staff instructs otherwise, OOG players should stay in Out of Game areas such as the Parking Lot. This ensures that immersion is broken as little as possible. That said, NPCs on their way to or from a mod or adventure area or NPCs assigned to photography duty will be frequently OOG.

What?!?! IG even when I’m sleeping?

-Yes. The game will be active from 8pm on Friday until very late on Saturday. We will not go out of our way to invade cabins, rooms, camps or tents that have sleeping players in.

We will also provide are things such as monsters, puzzles or role playing opportunites for the players that are awake and still roaming around ‘town’.