Hit Points (HPs)

What exactly are Hit Points?
Hit Points (or HP) are a measure of how much punishment a character or creature can withstand before dying. Every character has a maximum amount of HP, with tougher characters having more and newer or less physical characters having less. Player Characters begin the Weekend at that number. HP is decreased by receiving Damage and regained by receiving Healing, which are universally delivered in numerical amounts (e.g. “5 damage” or “Heal 7”). You never go over your Maximum HP unless noted in the spell or effect.

How do I gain Hit Points?

Hit Points are first generated through race and are attained by spending build on the Toughness skill. Your character gains 3 HP with the skill Toughness is purchased, although some Classes may get more milage from this . Toughness can be purchased once per level, which is determined by dividing one’s Build spent by 15 and rounding down.

There are other ways to receive more HP, such as specific spells, blessings or effects.

How do I regain my Hit Points?

Receiving a magical healing spell, racial abilities, medical skills or drinking a healing potion will replenish your Hit Points.

Hit Points are completely replenished at the start of each new event.

Calculating HP:

On the back of all character sheets there is an area to calculate the total number of HP you have. Keep the grand total written down on the back of the card in this section. Failure to do so at the end of the event will result in loss of your Combat/RP build.