Game Periods

What are Game Periods?

The entire event is split into three sections, or periods. Many in game abilities are limited by how many times you can use them in a period. Similarly, several in game effects occur based on the current period, or last for the duration of such.

What time are the Periods?

  • PERIOD 1: 10pm Friday (Game On) -to- 5am Saturday
  • PERIOD 2: 5am Saturday -to- 5pm Saturday
  • PERIOD 3: 5pm Saturday -to- 5am Sunday (Game off)

Updated: As of 1/1/2015, the periods change on the fives, instead of the eights.

The game usually ends between 3am and 5am. After 5am, all roleplay stops and everyone is encouraged to help the staff clean up (for build or service points).