Food at Seventh Kingdom IGE


Seventh Kingdom IGE WILL be providing a feast. This feast will either take place on Friday night or Saturday night, dependent on what is planned for that weekend. The feast will have some sort of vegetable, main course, and dessert. What is cooked will also depend on what is transpiring during that weekend. If the players fail a mod to collect a certain vegetable, then that vegetable will not be used. If players manage to trade for some extra flour, the flour will be used in the feast. We are really planning on incorporating the feast into the event as much as possible. (Saturday night feast is included in the Base Weekend Price)


Dinner will be providing on Friday or Saturday night, whichever night the Feast is no on. This is provided to our players so they do not find themselves a night without the option of food. Hopefully we’ll also be saving our players the time, money and effort bringing a ton of food to a game. The dinner will be a filling meal but not as large as the feast. You can usually expect a bowl of chili with a side or something else comparable. (Friday night dinner is $2 a serving)


Breakfast will be available in the morning hours on Saturday. The Breakfast will include pancakes,waffles, french toast OR eggs with a side of bacon, sausage OR ham. Some mornings may just include an assortment of bagels, muffins and pastries depending on mod. (Saturday morning breakfast is $2 a serving)


The Inn is usually stocked. The Inn will have meats, cheeses  breads, fruits, etc. available for the players. There will also be numerous bar beverages (different fruit punches, juices, coffees, teas, etc.) that can be ordered at the bar. (Snacks are included in the Base Weekend Price.)


Starting a Tab

Listed above are the different options we are providing for our players during the weekend food wise. To make things easier for our players (and nobody wants to lose their money in the woods when they fall) we will also be providing them chance to create a tab for their character. At check in they will be asked if they are interested in starting a tab, if they are they can put any amount they want on the tab. The Logistics director will record the amount along with the player’s information and then at the time of lay on that information will be passed to the present Inn keeper. If they player does not spend all of the money on their tab at the current event the amount will carry over to the next event.

Food Concerns

If you have any allergies or concerns as to what is being cooked for the upcoming event all you have to do is contact the Kitchen Director at Well will strive to make something for you that you can eat without worry. All that we ask is that you contact us ASAP so we have enough time to prepare for you.


Can I cook for myself?

Of course! Both camps have open fire pits and small grills that players may be  allowed to use with Staff’s approval. Please always have a bucket of water close by. Both camps also have numerous kitchens and whichever kitchen the Inn is not using will be open to the players. We can’t promise any room in the refrigerators though until the time of the event so please plan accordingly.