Engaging in Combat

Combat in Seventh Kingdom IGE is resolved through the deliverance (and/or avoidance) of Melee and Ranged attacks. Melee attacks are delivered through hand-to-hand weapons such as swords, daggers, axes, etc. These weapons must be constructed according to the Seventh Kingdom IGE’s specifications and will be inspected every other month for safety purposes.

Ranged attacks are delivered via the throwing of spell-packets. The procedure will be outlined below but explained further here.


Performing a melee attack in Seventh Kingdom IGE is simple:

1) Swing or thrust your weapon toward one of the legal target areas 

  • Shoulder and Arms
  • Torso (use extreme caution when striking at women’s chests)
  • Thighs and calves

 2) Mid-swing, firmly declare the Damage or Control effect that you are inflicting 

If it is Damage, the number goes first then the type of damage. “7 Damage”; this means 7 points of normal damage. “3 Shadow”; this means 3 points of shadow-type damage, which may have a special effect on some creatures.

If it is a Control effect, say the effect first and then the number; the number usually denotes intensity or duration. “Snare 15”; this means that the target is affected by a Snare effect for 15 seconds. “Knockback 10”; this means that the target must take 10 steps away from the origin of the attack.

3) If you hit, your target must physically and verbally acknowledge the hit as well as role-play the damage or effect. If you miss, then nothing else happens and if you used a special attack such as a Feat, it is expended to no effect.

  • For a weapon strike to be considered a hit, it must touch a legal striking area without first touching a weapon or shield. Even grazing your opponent’s weapon or shield will cause your entire strike to be considered a miss.
  • In all cases, the Defender determines what is a hit or not unless they are a Game Marshall. However, those who do not “take their hits” will be watched and sanctions will be leveled against them if they are found guilty of violating game rules.
  • To physically acknowledge the hit, your target must simulate pain and stop forward momentum and/or take a step back.
  • To verbal acknowledge the hit, your target must grunt, say “ouch” or somehow verbally demonstrate that he or she has been hit.
  • This is called the “Step and Grunt” rule or the “One-Step Rule”; it simulates the ebb and flow of combat but it is primarily a safety rule. This rule not be used as a Control technique to back an enemy into dangerous in-game terrain (such as a pit or a cliff).



Likewise, performing a Ranged attack is simple. There are two different kinds of Ranged Attacks in Seventh Kingdom IGE: Ranged Weapon attacks and Ranged Spell attacks.

Generally speaking, both follow the same steps as above with a few minor differences:

1) Throw an Arrow Packet, Approved Thrown Weapon or Spell Packet at one of your target’s legal striking areas

  • If using a Crossbow or Bow, say “ARROW” before throwing to indicate that it is a Ranged Weapon
  • If using a thrown weapon, say “DAGGER”, “AXE”, “ROCK” or whatever you are throwing before the throw; this is to indicate that it is a thrown weapon.
  • You may not throw a sword or other melee weapon at anyone.
  • Usually, spells require that their incantation is spoken before the throw.
  • An attack that strikes an illegal target area is not counted as a hit.

2) Mid-throw, loudly say or call the Damage or Control effect that you are inflicting

3) If you hit, your target must physically and verbally acknowledge the hit as well as role-play the damage or effect.

  • If the authenticity or solidness of the hit is in question (tip of the cloak or the hat), the defender determines whether the hit is legitimate or not, as mentioned above.


Safety is always the first priority at Seventh Kingdom IGE. Seventh Kingdom has game marshals and staff members available during major combat at all games. Please seek the assistance of a staff member or game marshal at any time when you have a safety concern or rules question.

Repeated violation of combat rules and safety (including deliberate use of illegal combat moves) will result in warnings and eventually removal from the game. When you witness a flagrant rules violation of the safety rules or combat rules, please inform a Staff Member at the earliest opportunity.

To stay safe in combat at Seventh Kingdom IGE, you should always:

  • Call a “hold” if there is an injury or immediate danger
  • Repeat “hold” if you hear it and kneel down; this is to ensure that the person who called the hold is properly identified and the situation is more efficiently resolved.
  • Call “Caution” to warn others of dangerous terrain nearby such (but not limited to) as anything they could trip over (a stump or a bench), fall off of (a pot hole or flight of stairs) or back into (a table or tree).
  • Say “Clarify” if you are unable to proceed in safe combat because of a safety situation; i.e. “Clarify: I cannot step back because there are thorny bushes behind me”

The use of calling and repeating holds when appropriate is not optional. All players must be comfortable calling a hold when necessary.