Death and Resurrection

Death and Resurrection

-Death will be experienced by players at any time during the game. We prefer our players experience it less than more, so to help them out we’ve placed some guidelines when it comes to death.

Death and Dying

-When a player reaches 0 Hit Points (or less) the player enters their “Death count”, which is divided into two stages.

  • The First Stage

The first stage of the death count lasts for 300 seconds, or 5 minutes. During this time, a character may crawl slowly and speak no louder than a whisper A character in this state is unable to fight, use feats, skills or spells – unless they specifically say that they can be used in this state.

Healing: Magical or Mundane Healing of at least 1 HP from any source will restore a player character to a mobile state. A player character is then able to move freely (although role-playing some pain or dizzyness is encouraged). When determining how much HP a newly restored character has, simply count the amount of healing he has received – he has that many HPs, assuming they do not exceed his maximum.

  • The Critical Stage 

The second and final stage of the death count lasts for 120 seconds (2 minutes). During this time, a player character must role-play falling unconscious and unresponsive. His condition and its gravity can only be ascertained by skills, feats or spells used upon him – he must convey this information to the inquirer in a whisper.

When the 120 seconds have elapsed, the character dies.

Healing: Most healing abilities will not rouse a dying character from this state.Only certain spells and certain skills can revive a character when he reaches this precarious state. This skills and spells include (but are not limited to):

  • Symbol of Renewal (Priest spell)
  • Gift of Reviving Waters (Witch spell)
  • Word of Soul-Mending (Necromancer spell)
  • Master Medicine Man (Wisdom Skill)



When a player character dies, they have two choices available to them:

  • Remain as a corpse on the ground.

In this way, a fallen character can be easily found and identified by his allies and compatriots and brought the aid that he needs. The character that revives him must mark off one death from his character sheet.

  • After 5-10 minutes of laying on the ground, assume a spirit form.

When a character assumes a spirit form, they must wear a purple headband and go to logistics. At this point, he is invisible to most other character (unless they possess the Spirit Sight skill) and he cannot interact with them unless they can see him. Even then, their interactions are largely distant, with the fallen character only conversing in whispers.

After going to logistics (where they mark off one of a characters’ lives), a character may be allowed to wander where he wills, to find someone with the capacity and the will to bring him back to life.

Anyone that wishes to revive a fallen character must go to the graveyard to perform the ceremony, although they must also have the spirit in tow, whether they know it to be around or not.

How many lives do I have?

-Player characters start out with 7 lives, with final, irrevocable death arriving when the last life is expended. The Gods are the only ones who know if you’ll come back or not. Treasure the life you’re given as if it’s your only one.