Damage Types

There are different types of damage in Seventh Kingdom IGE. Listed below are the different types:

Normal – Damage produced by mundane weapons and basic attacks.
-Characters that use simple weapons and spells deal normal damage. Invoke this damage as “X damage”. 

Fire – Damage produced by burning flame.
-Characters that use fire deal damage using intense heat, scorching power and explosive force. Invoke this damage as “X fire”.

Ice – Damage produced by extreme cold.
-Characters that use ice conjure frozen winds, shards of ice or drain away heat from their targets. Invoke this damage as “X ice”.

Lightning – Damage produced by crackling lightning.
-Characters that use lighting inflict damage through bolts of sky-fire or charged metal. Invoke this damage as “X lightning”.

Silver – Damage produced by shining white metal.
-Characters that use silver weapons are using holy power or searing light to damage targets. Invoke this damage as “X silver”.

Shadow – Damage produced by fell dark energy.
-Characters that use shadow cull energy from the depths of underworld or realm of shadow to blanket their foes in darkness and pestilence. Invoke this damage as “X shadow”.

Poison – Damage inflicted by toxins and venoms that damage and destroy one’s internal organs and bodily systems.

Using Combat Poisons: When using combat poisons, you must forgo inflicting damage to inflict the poison’s damage, an attack which can be rendered null if your target has any Armor Points left (see below).

If you have any AP from worn armor, abilities or spells, you may invoke “no effect” when a combat poison attack is used against you. The exception to this is if your opponent has take the time to expose your armor through several attacks. It takes three such strikes to leave you vulnerable to a poison attack although the Student of the Lotus skill reduces the requisite amount of strikes.

Invoke this damage type as “X Poison”

Bane (ignores all resistances) – Damage produced by pure destructive means.
-Characters that use Bane weapons call “X Bane” with each strike, meaning that they surpass any damage resistance that the target may have.

Minimal damage:
-Some creatures in the world can defend against damage by having tons of natural or magical armor. A creature or target with these skills and feats can invoke “minimal”. This means when the damage is called against them, they are only taking one point of damage per hit. Bane damage overcomes resistances like minimal.