Creation of a Character

Some tips on creating your first character:

  • Start out basic by asking yourself what do you want to do? Do you want to heal? Beat things to a bloody pulp or make things explode with magic? Maybe you’re not interested in combat but you’re more interested in becoming a scholar or explorer.
  • Once you’ve decided on what you would like to do, it’s time to look over the rules.
  • Decide on a Class and a Profession that would suit your character and what you would like to do with them.
  • Afterward, decide what your character looks like and where they’re from. Choose a Kingdom and a Race would best suit them. Some players like to do this part before the previous portion when they make characters. Take note that all Kingdoms restrict which Races come from them!
  • Your character has free abilities that come from their Class, Sub-class, Profession, Kingdom and Race and sub-Race, vindicating your choices with new capabilities.
  • You have 15 build to spend on the various lists that your character’s Profession, Class and Race provides. The Everyman skill list also has skills that anyone can get, including some basic skills like the ability to use a sword properly.
  • Choose a name. If the character is from a Kingdom, check that Kingdom’s overview page for name suggestions. Otherwise, choose a name that fits the character or their background. Staff reserves the right to reject names that Break Immersion or are otherwise too Silly.

To all new Players and veteran PC/NPCs bringing in new characters: send an email to regarding your character (race, kingdom, class, profession, where you spent your build, etc). Doing this helps logistics immensely and reduces your wait time during sign-in. Those who do this are rewarded with +10 to their maximum HP for the next three months (which can potentially double your starting HP). Deadline is the Sunday before the event.

That said, please only do this if you intend to play that character for the upcoming weekend to prevent logistics from wasting undue ink, paper and time. Send any inquiries to or