Clean Up and Smoking Requirements

Clean Up

Players need to clean up and tidy their personal areas (camp site, tents, bunks, etc.).

However, cleanup of the rest of the site is not mandatory, meaning that you do not have to clean up any mod sites, NPC areas, NPC building, the Inn, the bathrooms, the parking lots, the path ways, and the kitchen. We always appreciate help and will reward 1 build to everyone who does help clean this above mentioned areas.

It should be very simple rule for everyone to understand and keep in mind. We are all adults and should act that way, be responsible.

A messy campsite is unacceptable. ALL trash must be picked up along with everything being put the same way that it was found. It is actually preferred that Players go above and beyond the call of duty and leave it better then how it was found. If Players need anything to help clean up their site (brooms, trash bags, etc.), Staff may be asked for assistance If any damage does occur it is required that Staff is informed immediately so that an attempt at repair may occur.

We also know where each and every player is sleeping. If your area is left dirty, staff will be in contact with you shortly. Penalty for not cleaning up your space can be the loss of build for the weekend or worse, depending on the degree of the situation.


Smoking on the camp area is severely restricted to the smoking areas. If you are caught smoking outside of these designated areas, you will either lose a life, build for the event, or worse. Smoking in the non-designated areas is strictly prohibited.

The primary smoking area in the game is the Parking Lot, which is also an out of game area. Other smoking areas may be provided to the Player base by the Staff depending on the nature of the camp. Players are encouraged to keep their voices down in these areas as to not disturb the in game environment. All butts must be taken with the smokers or left in the butt can. Smokers are discouraged from putting cigarette butts in the trash or trash in the butt can.

In some camps, campfire rings or some tarped off areas may be turned into smoking areas. These areas are not out-of-game areas unless otherwise noted. If they are in-game areas, Players are required to stay in-game within their vicinity. Furthermore, wandering packs of monsters or raiders may disrupt the Player Characters within these areas with combat– at that point, Players should put down their cigarettes in a safe area or extinguish them before engaging in combat.