Buying events you’ve missed

Seventh Kingdom allows players to purchase past events (within the last 12 months) that they have missed. The benefits of which are listed below.

  • You are earning the full amount of build (4) without having to attend, NPC, clean and role-play your heart out. You may even opt to buy the extra point of build (for 5 total) for an extra couple bucks. See the online buy back options below.
  • You are not falling behind from the other players that have either attended all the events or paid for missed events.
  • Next event you attend you will have a large pool of build to spend
  • You will be listed as ‘have attended’ so you will be eligible for year or 18 month gifts.
  • You are supporting your game and ensuring that it will continue to run, produce the level of quality we’re known for, and see it return tenfold through props, costumes and food.

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