All of the skills, spells and feats in the world of Seventh Kingdom must be purchased with build. The more build that is invested in a character the stronger that character will become. At a Seventh Kingdom event we provide multiple ways for you to buy or gain build for you character.

-You are given 15 build towards a new character, this is once per new character

-You are also able to gain 5 build for the weekend:

1 build is given for paying for at least 1 period of the event.

+1 build for paying for 1 entire event (3 periods)

+1 build can be bought for $10

+1 build will be awarded for roleplaying and combat safety. This build is automatically awarded to every player unless the player gives staff reason not to award them this point. Reasons would be; not role-playing at all, non-appropriate costuming, flagrantly talking out of game at in game areas, etc.

+1 build can be gained by either helping clean up, doing a Kitchen shift or by participating in a NPC shift.

***10 build can be purchased once per character’s life for $100 and can be used at any time.