Bank Vaults

As per an arrangement with the Iron Kingdom of Malak Travak, Annie’s Inn has in its possession a series of immovable enchanted coffers that have been dubbed “the Bank Vaults”. These vaults provide support to the local traders and adventurers by allowing them to deposit and withdraw both coin, component and item.

So secure are these vaults that they unlock only for a person attuned to them, as determined by the Inn’s owner: Annie Waterbringer herself. The making and breaking of these powerful arcane locks are known only to a select few members of the Iron Kingdom, specifically in the Iron Bank of Malak Travak.

A character can visit their Vault at anytime and withdraw from it without need for a key, or ritual beyond a simple Channeling count for 10 seconds.

GAME RULES REGARDING THE BANK VAULT (Important Notes and Recent Changes are in bold)

  • A bank vault must be clearly labeled with the character name and CSN of the person (or persons) it is attuned to. Furthermore, this label must be stamped or signed by Staff. A bank vault may have multiple owners.
  • A bank vault can only be opened (i.e. items put inside or removed) by a person whose name is on the vault (as in, the vault can only be opened if you are attuned to it). Opening a vault to interact with the things inside it requires a ten second channel. No other action is required.
  • You may NOT take anything from a vault you that is not yours. Doing so constitutes willfully breaking game rules and therefore is a serious offense whose punishment may include loss of all build or the event or even suspension or expulsion from the game. Also, you may NOT take items from a Vault that is not yours even if the lid is open.
  • In order for an item to be put in the vault, its entire form must be able to fit inside the vault.
  • The Bank Vault is a way for players to store in game props and items. Since in-game items, especially components, should never be stored in out of game locations (e.g. the truck of a car in the parking lot, a clearly out of game personal bag inside a tent, or in a restroom) the vault provides a means to do so. Furthermore, since components are fragile, it gives players a place to keep them where they are significantly less prone to damage or loss. Staff is never obliged to honor damaged or broken components or gold.
  • A player must provide their own coffer (a chest or small tub) in order to properly use the vault. The coffer can not be removed from the vault room while the game is in play. The coffer must not be larger than approximately one cubic foot of space (1 foot x 1 foot x 1 foot) and is also subject to staff discretion.
  • Players are expected to bring their coffer/vault prop home at the end of the game. As per usual, game props such as components and gold must stay with game-staff via the character bags if they can fit in a bag or be return to directly to Staff if they cannot fit.
  • As of May 2017, Bank Vaults are considered out of game containers and therefore cannot be looted by anyone except by their owner. This also means that they do not expire.
  • Bank Vaults no longer have a gold cost and all Players are allowed a Bank Vault. Staff reserves the right to limit Bank Vaults to one per person if space becomes an issue. Those who have paid for an Extended Bank Vault will be refunded a portion of their gold refunded (5g for each month remaining).
  • Furthermore, the Bank Vault prop must be lockable — but Staff must be provided with a code or a key in case it needs to be opened. Staff reserves the right to use other methods to open a Bank Vault if necessary. Locks and Hasps are available from the Staff at a discounted rate. 


The bank vault area is a series of shelves inside the main hallway of the inn. Players have easy access to the vault here, and it is clearly labeled with large signs. Items must be stored in boxes as they are at all other camps.

Under the inn, next to the staff logistics room is a small garage. Inside, under the blue light, you can find the bank vault. Items are stored in player provided chests as usual.

Inside the inn there is a table, clearly marked with a sign. All the vaults are stored on or under this table inside of the the authorized and outlined area.