Character Histories

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chracter-histories A Player that wishes to explore their Character’s history and personality is highly encouraged to write a Backstory and submit it to the Staff email.

To a Player, a Backstory or Character History can be an aid to role-playing and personal development. It can also serve as a creative outlet with which to bring a Character further to life.

To the Seventh Kingdom Staff, a backtory provides help by giving Players a voice in their character development. Furthermore, it can inform Staff of a Player’s desired direction and plotlines. Ultimately however, the plot of a Character is in the hands of the Staff who must be trusted to provide an entertaining and engaging story for the Players to experience and to interact with.

Once officially submitted, backstories can no longer be updated or altered unless it is by the Staff. This is to prevent Staff members from having multiple erroneous copies of a backstory or only pieces of it on file and to maintain consistency.  

Furthermore, backstories and histories are intended to be beginnings — the rest of your character’s story (and perhaps, its ending) should be played out on-site and in-game.  

How to format your character history:

Microsoft Word Document attached to an Email
Backstories should be sent to (Staff at Seventhkingdomige dot Com)

•    Player Character’s Name
•    Player Character’s Race
•    Player Character’s Kingdom
•    Player’s Name

•    Familial status: parentage/family, any social standing/social class issues.
•    Early Life: upbringing, childhood, adolescence
•    Coming of Age: catalyst or gate into adventure or current dilemma

•    Lists important secondary characters, how they are related to your character and describes them.
•    Describes current goals of the Player Character.

Guidelines to follow:

Concise: It is short but complete.
•    A maximum of 2 pages is encouraged.
•    Highlight important events in a character’s upbringing.
•    Omit irrelevant or useless information that diffuses the tightness and compactness of the story.

Coherent: Grammatically correct and clear in its narrative.
•    Backstories should be written is a manner that makes reading them an easy process.

Connected: Ties a character to the components that make him/her (class, Kingdom, etc).
•    This means that the backstory reveals how these affect him/her.
•    The backstory should align with the history of Seventh Kingdom. Ask Staff if any questions arise or if anything is unclear.

Backstory Writing Tips:

First Person vs. Third Person:
•    Writing in the first person allows you to include personal commentary and general personality quirks, biases or mannerisms.
•    Writing in the third person allows you to take greater control of the narrative as well as being able to closely explore the supporting cast.

  Outline vs. Narrative:
•    Writing in outline or bulleted form allows you to give the information you want to impart in a clear and simple manner.
•    Writing in a narrative form allows you a means to creatively describe your character and their background.
•    Put at least one shining or darkening moment that reveals the character’s personality/motives/motivation/morality.
•    Don’t worry about not being original. Focus more on ways to properly highlight your character’s motivations and personality without regard to cliché.
•    Feel free to be dramatic, comedic or tragic.
•    Power Groups and Kingdom Histories are there to inspire backstories.
–    Feel free to make your character a relation or a friend/enemy of a major NPC or the member of a Power Group.
–    Characters that are tied to these organizations or people are more likely to get developments to their backstories.
–    When making a character that is related to a major NPC (such as a King or a Leader), please consult with Staff.
•    Read as much as you can about your Kingdom (if any): Its religion, history and society can inspire your story.
•    Your character should have a goal that motivates and defines them.

Anastacia Buscan: example one
Makus von Schwartzkreuz: example two
Jon-jon 'J.J.' Johnson: example three