Character Creation

Formulate Concept: Create a character you want to play using the lore and the mechanics to help guide you.

Choose Race: Would you like to play an Elf, an ethereal spirit given flesh and mind? Or perhaps, you would like to play gruff dwarf, brother to stone and iron? Or is your character from the Race of Men, ambitious, resourceful and mighty? Races.

Choose Kingdom: After you’ve made your choice of Race, determine where your character hails from. If she’s an Elf, does she belong to veiled Kingdom of the Silver Elves or the shadows of the world? Or does she belong to the wilderness? If he’s a dwarf, does he belong to the bickering, clannish Stone Dwarves? Or was he raised among the smoky foundries of the Iron Kingdom? Kingdoms.

Choose Class: Your character is a hero, powerful and mighty, well-prepared against whatever adversity the world may bring to bear. Does he respond with steel blades or cunning trickery? Does she summon forth the spirits of the world to do her bidding? Or does she draw power from the darkest lores to achieve her goals? Classes.

Choose Sub-class: After you’ve chosen a class, further refine how your character achieves his objectives. Does he leap into the fray with a frenzied abandon? Or does he use discipline and honor to guard himself and defeat his enemies? If a sorcerer, does he draw his power from a pact with the fiends of the lower planes? Or does he hold in his shadow the immortal soul of a fiend? Has he perhaps studied the black tomes of Necromancy with detached meticulousness and garnered the secrets therein to his own aims?

Choose Profession: What does your character do on his or her off-time, when he/she isn’t adventuring? Is he skilled in the repair of weapons and armor? Is she learned of the histories and the lores of the world?  Perhaps he is well-versed in the mysteries of the wild. Professions.

Spend build: You are given 15 build when you first create your character to further refine and customize your character according to your concept. Spend them as you will, buying feats and the like to build the character of your dreams!

-If the amount of build is insufficient, make your character as completely as you can and jump in to play, either as an NPC or a PC. As a PC you can begin exploring the world and making friends and enemies, but as an NPC you can garner a greater amount of build per event. The choice is yours!

Progression: Seventh Kingdom IGE uses a class and point-based system. Classes give players an archetype for their characters. The player spends build to further refine the character.