Witch Spell List

*All spells cost 5 build to learn.

Witch Spells are divided into five major types: Fury, Locus, Maia, Muse and Wisp spells.


Fury Spells call upon the Furies, fiery spirits of destruction, illumination and passion. Fury spells tend to be like the spirits of the same name; cruel, vengeful and uncaring. They focus on inflicting damage and pain without regard for the consequences and the victim. Sometimes, they illuminate and enlighten, just as flame can brighten one’s vision with light or warm one’s soul with hope. But such spells are few and far in between.


Locus Spells call upon the Loci, the tenacious Earth Spirits of elemental lore. Sometimes called Earth Spells, these magics typically infuse an area or a creature with powerful qualities, as opposed to affecting targets from a distance.



Maia Spells are spells that summon and utilize those eponymous spirits of water, the Maia. Just as the Maia and the element of water are known for their life-giving properties, their cleansing abilities and their passivity – so too are the Maia spells colored. They are spells of healing, tranquility, reflection and compassion.



Muse Spells summon and utilize the powers of capricious and tempestuous wind spirits, known as Muses. With the Muses’ strength at their command, Witches can knock back enemies with miniature windstorms, fry them with lightning bolts or freeze them with blisteringly cold winds. Alternatively, a Witch can utilize the subtler aspects of elemental winds to convince others of her beliefs, sniff out hidden enemies or even steal the magic from a helpless victim. Likewise, a Witch empowered by the might of the winds can fly over her enemy’s blades, sense the lies from the lips of liars and empower her blade with the strength of a sirocco.



Wisp spells call upon the secretive, mysterious and deceptive Spirits of Night. Therefore, it is to no one’s surprise that the gifts of these Spirits specialize in the manipulation of dark energies toward deadly, controlling and misleading ends. Wisp spells are known to utilize not just the rarely seen powers of the night but also the powers of misdirection and illusion; expect these spells to fool senses and even cause madness and fear in the minds of their targets.