Grey Witch (Witch)

Build Options: Witch characters can choose to spend their Build Points on Witch Skills or Witch Spells.

Overview: Grey Witches are also called the Earth-callers and the Witch-Knights and are known for their affinity for hand-to-hand combat and protective earth magics. The mingling of magic and martial expertise is best represented in the Witch-blade, a weapon possessed by all Grey Witches. The Witch-blade is imbued with a Witch’s life-force. Such magics render the Witch-blade (which need not be a blade, per se) indestructible so long as its owner’s life persists. Furthermore, a Witch-blade’s owner can cast touch or bolt spells through his weapon, allowing for a greater versatility that matches the vision of a martial Spellcaster.

The Grey Witch is often tasked to a role of protection and guardianship, if only because their spells lend well to their durability and tenacity. Although novice Witch-Knights suffer from the vulnerabilities of most spell-casters, veteran Earth-callers truly become forces to be reckoned with – in some ways superior to even the greatest of mundane warriors due to the utility of their magics and in the resilience of their spirit.

The Dwarf known as Karg Runehammer is one of the most well-storied Earth-callers, having crafted spells (such as the Gift of the Silvered Mountain) and ended villains (such as the Wight-Lord of the Hollow Hills) in his mythic lifetime.

Role-playing Notes: You are chosen by the Loci, the spirits of the earth, and thus, echo the stability and the solidity of the element in your demeanor. Not all Grey Witches are dry and dour, although a significant number take to this personality type because of the element that they channel. Indeed, the mountain itself is unmoved by storm and season. It stands tall and resolute against all that would oppose it, indestructible and inviolate.

While the earth may be unmoving, it is not uncaring. Even without coaxing, the ground springs forth nourishment to feed those who dwell upon it – berries and fruits grow in the wild just as grains and produce come from the farm. So too must you balance apathy and compassion in your works and in your aspects that you might achieve the earth’s wisdom in your own way.

And when you are wronged, remember that the earth always endures and never forgets. While it may be long in the fulfilling, let your vengeance be as powerful and impressive as the mountains themselves.

SUB-CLASS FEATURES: A first level Grey Witch automatically receives the following abilities at no cost to build.


  • You gain the Gift of Shielding Mountain spell. In addition, the half the AP granted by the Gift of the Shielding Mountain will stack with any AP you gain from armor.


  • Grey Witches are not just spell-casters, they are fighters as well. The Locus spirits that guide them and protect them have augmented their arms with spirit power. Grey Witches gain the Witch-Blade skill for no build cost and begin the game with a Witch-Blade.
  • Furthermore, a Grey Witch that possesses a functioning Witch-blade may channel for 3 seconds to imbue a normal melee weapon strike with 3 additional points of damage (this bonus damage does not stack with any other bonuses to damage due to Spells or Feats). This attack must be prefaced with the words “Witch-Hammer”. This ability cannot be used if the Witch-blade has any spell stored within it.

The following Sub-class features can only be gained when the Character reaches the required level and has learned the required feats, skills and/or spells.

Level 2: Tenacity of the Mountain

Requires: Oracle of Earth skill

Once per period, a Grey Witch can call upon the Loci for supernatural fortitude and willpower. Saying “Tenacity of the Mountain” allows a Grey Witch to shake off all Charm, Force, Mortal and Pain effects that are currently affecting her.

Level 4: Steel and Spell

Requires: Witch-Blade skill

The Grey Witch uses a blend of magical and martial mastery to achieve her goals, and is made deadly by this approach.

When delivering a spell that inflicts damage through a Witch-Blade, the spell inflicts 3 more points of damage. Furthermore, the Witch-Hammer function of the Witch-Knight ability inflicts 1 additional point of damage (for a total of normal melee damage plus 4)


Level 6: Persistence of Stone

Requires: Gift of Father Mountain spell and Gift of Mother Mountain spell

Once per period, you may Channel for 3 seconds and then say “Persistence of Stone” to tap into the pure vitality and energy of Midworld itself. This ability completely repairs the armor you are wearing and any weapons you have in your hands as though these were repaired in a Forge. Replenished also are any depleted AP from Gift of Shielding Mountain.

In addition, you are completely healed – you regain enough HP to fully heal you, basic poisons and lesser diseases are removed from you and any severed or broken limbs that you have are completely cured. Furthermore, all Pain effects are removed from you.

Level 8: Wrathful Earth
Requires: Gift of Vengeful Mountain Spell

Whenever you take damage in melee while Channeling or Casting a Spell, you may say “Wrathful Earth” and strike your assailant with your Witch-blade. In mid-swing, you may either say “10 damage” or “Knockback 10”, inflicting the invoked damage or effect if you successfully hit.

Using this ability makes your spell fizzle and can only be used once every 30 seconds. If you are under the influence of the Gift of Vengeful Mountain and you are attacked for 10+ points of damage, this ability and the spell’s effect may trigger one after the other upon the same target.

Additionally, when delivering a spell that inflicts damage through a Witch-Blade, the spell inflicts 5 more points of damage (instead of 3 more points of damage).

Level 10: The Mountain Does Not Fall
Requires: Master of Loci skill

Once per moon, a Grey Witch can call upon the primal forces of Midworld to bring him back into the battlefield with tremendous vitality and a thunderous quake. He can rise up 1 minute after his HP total falls to zero, whether he is in his Critical Death Count or not.

To use this ability, you must be at 0 HP and 1 minute has passed since you have entered that state. Then, say “The Mountain Does Not Fall! Heal 1000. Whirlwind Knockback 10”; everyone within a one-handed weapon’s reach of you must take 10 steps away from the Grey Witch as he rises.  

When he rises again, he is regains up to 1000 HP and 5 SP (or his maximum HP and SP whichever is lower). Furthermore, all AP from armor and latent shielding effects are completely restored to optimum capacity.

Furthermore, your Witch-Hammer inflicts 2 additional points of damage (for a total of normal melee damage plus 5).