Dark Witch (Witch)

Build Options: Dark Witch characters can choose to spend their Build Points on Witch Skills or Witch Spells.

Overview: Within the Dark Witch are the polar opposites of sun and shadow, of fire and darkness. Through balance and conflict of these contrary elements, Dark Witches are able to attain the destructive power for which they are known and feared. Doom-weavers, as they are sometimes called, are exceptionally gifted in the infliction of destruction and death but they are as much a part of Midworld as the tiger and the wolf are part of the wilderness.

Ancient history places Dark Witches in positions of major villainy, such as when the Drusilla, Witch-Queen of the West, sent her agents abroad to burn alive those she suspected of persecuting her kind, never mind the persecution inherent in her decree. Those who find themselves with easy access to such destructive power will always find it a simple task to participate in oppression and devastation.

Yet, for their affinity with darkness and fire, Dark Witches are not all fell engines of destruction. The ancient tales also have Dark Witches in the role of heroes and redeemers, as when the mythic Lotus Queen founded the Kingdom of Kenrei through fire and word – or as her descendants would say “through Sword and Lotus”. It was a Dark Witch that helped bind the thirteen demon-gates scattered across Midworld. And the Twilight Elf Kenna Firestrider was instrumental in the forging of runed-chains that would imprison the Thane of Bones in the Underworld for all of eternity.

And so, while Dark Witches and Doom-weavers bear names that relate to fell, destructive powers, it is the wielder that determines the true end of such magics – whether they are used for good or for evil…

Role-playing Notes: It is in your lot to bear the burden of fire and darkness, to manage the balance between the two and to prevent their inherent conflict from destroying you. But as heavy as such burdens are, great is the ruin that you can inflict upon those who raise your ire and earn your vengeance. Subtlety is for lesser souls – your way is of agonized scream and burning flesh.

However, your magics make you formidable but not invincible. You would do well to be watchful and observant despite whatever fiery emotions you might have. There are those that see your might and find jealousy in their hearts, plotting your downfall to watch your suffering. Mind these fools and burn them into cinders whenever you find them. And if what you face is too powerful for you to destroy, the powers of night grant you some measure of evasion – flee, hide and bide your strengths for the day when your vengeance can be wrought.

Therefore, be wary of pride and of wrath, be vigilant and prudent, for no greater foe exists than your own foolishness.

SUB-CLASS FEATURES: A first level Dark Witch automatically receives the following abilities at no cost to build:


  • The Dark Witch is a bringer of devastation and of vengeance against those who oppose her. All Dark Witches gain the Doom of Fierce Flame spell for no build cost.
  • Furthermore, if a Dark Witch spends an extra 3 seconds channeling the spell, she can turn it into a wave 3 spell – she can throw one spell-packet at three different targets (no target may be attacked more than once) and invoke “wave” before each damage (e.g. “Wave 5 fire!”).


  • All Dark Witches gain the Sibyl of Night skill for no build cost.
  • Furthermore, you can send dark energies to assail your enemies’ senses. To do this, say “Shield of Night! Confuse 10!” to inflict a 10 second Confuse effect upon your assailant via spell packet or weapon strike. After this function of Shield of Night is used, it may not be used again until you have taken a short rest.

The following Sub-class features can only be gained when the Character reaches the required level and has learned the required feats, skills and/or spells.

Level 2: Step Into the Night
Requires: Gift of Fluttering Darkness spell
Once per period, you may say “Step into the Night” to have impenetrable shadow suffuse your form like an invincible armor. For 30 seconds afterward, you must fully extend your arm before you and you are immune to all damage but not Control effects. When hit by any kind of damage (except for the appropriate Bane damage, such as Mortal Bane), you may respond with “No Effect”.

You may do nothing but move at a slow walk (1 step every 2 seconds) or use the Gift of the Fluttering Darkness spell (which ends “Step Into the Night” prematurely).

Level 4: Fire and Fury
Requires: Channeling Expertise skill
”Woe to those that cross a Dark Witch”, say the Wisdoms of Midworld. Such a saying has its roots in this Dark Witch ability, which allows a Doom-weaver to inflict horrible retribution upon those who injure her.

You are considered to have the Channeling Mastery skill when casting Fury Spells, allowing you to ignore minor interruptions such as Damage or stumbling over incantations. Furthermore, when you are struck for damage while you are casting a Fury spell that inflicts Fire damage, that spell inflicts +5 damage against the creature that attacked you.

Level 6: Lunar Enchantment
Requires: Oracle of Night skill
Once per period, a Dark Witch may attempt to place a powerful enchantment upon another Mortal (which includes the common Races). To do this, you must hold the physical representation of a Straw Doll in one hand while performing a 1 minute Ritual upon a helpless or dying target. Upon completion of the Ritual, you may say “Lunar Enchantment! Dominate 10 minutes”. This version of Lunar Enchantment may only be performed at Night (after Sun-down but before Sun-rise).

Alternatively, a Dark Witch may simply say “Lunar Enchantment! Befriend 10 minutes” while throwing a spell-packet at her intended target. If she hits, the target is affected by a Befriend effect for 10 minutes. This version of Lunar Enchantment may be performed at any hour although only once per period.

Either way, when Lunar Enchantment ends or is prematurely broken, you regain 3 SP as dark energies make their way back to you.


Level 8: Endless Night, Endless Wrath
Requires: Oracle of Night skill, Oracle of Fire skill
A Dark Witch at this level has delved deep into lore of Flame and Darkness and has found an unquenchable thirst for destruction.

Whenever a Dark Witch casts a Fury Spell or Wisp Spell that inflicts damage and misses with her spell packet, you regain the SP when you cast the spell. This only
applies to Bolt Spells.

Level 10: Storm of Dark Fire
Requires: Master of Furies skill and the Master of Whispers skill
Once per moon, a Dark Witch gains the ability to disappear in a burning blizzard of power, reappearing else where a few moments after the carnage is done.  

The Dark Witch using this ability must channel for 3 seconds and then say “Storm of Dark Fire! Whirlwind 30 Fire!”. This ability inflicts 30 points of fire damage (or ice damage, if the Dark Witch chooses thusly) upon everyone within a one-handed weapon’s reach of the Witch.

After this ability is used, the Witch must place a hand over her head to indicating that she is invisible for 60 seconds. While she is invisible, she may only proceed on a walk and she must count “Invisible 1, Invisible 2, Invisible 3…Invisible 60”. Furthermore, Invisible characters cannot be attacked unless they become no longer invisible or they are attacked by Global, Whirlwind or similar damaging effect. While invisible, a Dark Witch cannot speak in-game, cast spells or perform any other actions besides standing or walking.