Bright Witch (Witch)

Build Options: Bright Witch characters can choose to spend their Build Points on Witch Skills or Witch Spells.

Overview: The Bright Witch, also called a Sooth-singer, is considered the least threatening of their kind, although they are far from the least dangerous. Many mistakenly believe that Bright Witches are “good” Witches. In a sense, it is true – Bright Witches are capable of powerful feats of healing and protective ability.

In many tribes and villages across Midworld, the Bright Witch is a source of medicinal aid and spiritual insight. Her affinities with the gentle Maia and the swift Muses allow her to perform roles of leadership and guidance with ease and ability.

But at the same time, the power held by Bright Witches does not assure their compassion or their altruism. There are Bright Witches out there that are excellent healers and guardians, but lend their powers to unjust causes and evil ends. The Witch-Queen of the North is the prime example of such villainy – until she was defeated by King Arcturus of Pendrakken, she manipulated the Kingdoms in the area against each other, perpetuating bitter conflict and wars for her own dark goals.

Role-playing Notes: You are a singer of winds and rivers, a taker and giver of life. Although you are able to cast spells that harm your enemies, your path leads easier to spells of healing and revitalization and spells of subtlety and conversation – such is the way of water and wind. You are not restricted from inflicting damage, but there are others more capable of butchery. Let them fulfill their role while you perform yours: healing, support and the gathering of information.

While your path is a gentler one, it is not the easier one either. Oftentimes, it is far simpler to cut and kill one’s way to their goals. But a gentler, subtler hand yields results far the greater than barbarism would grant. Enemies that are slain remain so, but there are immense benefits to be had from sparing lives and making friends. And manipulation and intrigue are games far more difficult but more rewarding than senseless slaying.

Your place lies in the intricacies of storm and sea – those who can predict the pattern in these ever-moving elements are more likely to prosper in the long run than the fools who blind their senses with fire, darkness and stone.

SUB-CLASS FEATURES: A first level Bright Witch automatically receives the following abilities at no cost to build:


  • A Bright Witch is a singer of healing and tranquility, capable of curing her allies’ injuries and wounds. All Bright Witches learn the Gift of Healing Waters spell at no build cost.
  • If you spend 3 more seconds channeling this spell, you heal 5 more HP with this spell.


  • A Bright Witch gains the Sybil of Wind skill. This skill allows her to cast Muse spells.
  • Furthermore, you can summon a tiny tornado centered on you to knock everyone aside.  To do this, you must Channel for 2 seconds and then say “Whirlwind Knockback 10!” and everyone within a one-handed weapon’s reach of you must take 10 steps away from you. After this function of Storm-Borne is used, it may not be used again until after the Bright Witch has taken a Short Rest. This is an ability, not a spell, so it may not be interrupted nor is it subject to the regular rules of spellcasting.

The following Sub-class features can only be gained when the Character reaches the required level and has learned the required feats, skills and/or spells.

Level 2: Protection of the Maia

Requires: Gift of Shielding Waters

Once per period, a Bright Witch may invoke this ability and gain the protection of the Maia, the spirits of water and life. For up to 30 seconds, the Bright Witch takes minimal damage from all attacks and cannot be interrupted while spell-casting.

While this ability is active, the Bright Witch must fully extend one hand in front of her – this hand must be empty or else, hold her focus.


Level 4: Tranquil Mind, Tranquil Words

Requires: Gift of the Halcyon Waters spell or the Gift of the Cunning Winds spell

While you are under the influence of the Gift of the Cunning Winds spell, you need only converse for 1 minute before spending 1 SP and invoking a “Suggestion” or invoking a “Befriend 60”. Furthermore, you may instead inflict a “Pacify 60” upon a target.

Furthermore, if you successfully “Befriend” someone with the Gift of Halcyon Waters, you may choose to instead Befriend everyone within Whirlwind range. This costs 2 additional SP to perform.

Level 6: Read the Soul

Requires: Aura-Sight skill

Once per period, you may say “Read the Soul” and then ask up to 5 yes/no questions that your target must answer truthfully. Your target is unaware of your inquiry; he only remembers a casual conversation. This effect cannot be resisted, although a Poker Face makes one immune to it. If you use this ability and it is rendered moot by the Poker Face skill, it is not considered spent.

Level 8: Guidance of the Muses

Requires: Oracle of Wind skill

A Bright Witch can rely upon the guidance and the protection of the Muses, the spirits of the winds. A Bright Witch with this ability halves the duration of Blind, Confuse and Silence effects. When a Bright Witch would break out of the effect, she must invoke this ability.

Also, at this level, a Bright Witch is always aware of the presence of Invisible creatures, although she cannot pinpoint their location at all.

Level 10: River of Life
Requires: Master of Maia skill and Master of Muses skill
Once per moon, a Bright Witch may say “River of Life” and gain tremendous healing power as the Wind Spirits and the Water Spirits suffuse her with incredible might.

For up to 60 seconds after saying “River of Life”, the Witch’s healing spells heal double what they would normally heal for. While this ability is active, the Bright Witch must fully extend one arm in front of her – this hand must be empty or be holding her focus.

Furthermore, while this ability is active a Witch may invoke “Minimal” against all damage except for the appropriate bane damage.