Witch Sub-Classes: Witches must choose from one of three Sub-classes: the Bright Witch, the Dark Witch and the Grey Witch.

Build Options: Witch characters can choose to spend their Build Points on Witch Skills or Witch Spells.

Class Overview: Called “Druids” by the Fir’bolg, “Shamans” by the Free Tribes and “Wu Jen” by the Kenrei, Witches are mortals that have been granted the ability to bend the elemental powers of Midworld to their whim. While no none is privy to the truth behind the motives of the Aethyric spirit-lords that bestow these powers seemingly at random, those with eyes to see are a witness to the potency of the magics granted and the dangers posed by getting in their way.

The cleansing power of flame and the unstoppable might of earth- all these and more lie within the grasp of a Witch willing to take the reins of command. Although each type of Witch begins with command over only one or two elemental spirits, mastery can take them to dominion over all elements or specialized proficiency over a select few – either is a path to power fraught with reward and majesty.

But they are more than just wielders of earth, fire, wind, water and night – they are the voices of the elemental spirits. In their very souls are the realm of spirits, Aetherworld and the realm of mortals, Midworld joined as one in a dangerously harmonious whole. Just as the dwellers of the Aether have chosen them, so too do these spirits speak to them – and Witches have little choice but to listen, especially when their magical abilities are in the balance. Foolish Witches have lost their powers at a Greater Spirit’s whim and so, even those who can command the elements must sometimes pay their subjects heed.

Harmonious to nature or no, new and old Witches bear a legacy of hatred wrought by past abuses of power by their forebears. Ages and ages ago, a coven of Witches that created the Beastlings and cursed them with their hybrid forms. Five hundred years past, the Witch-Queen of the West sent her agents to avenge the plight of Witches across Midworld by burning alive those they suspected were responsible for their kindred’s death. These sins and more are heavy weights to bear; even the simplest soul knows well the destruction that Witches are capable of and the perils posed by those with magic at their fingertips.

Costuming Requirements: All Witches have a focus, a runed stone or gem (1-inch diameter in size or bigger) that allows her to commune with the spirits. This runed stone or gem must be exposed and in plain sight. If it should be stolen or taken from her, a Witch cannot cast spells without this focus. Some Witches set their focuses on rings or circlets. Others simply hang it from their necks. A Gnome’s forehead Kha counts as such a focus.

A Witch can create a focus using an appropriate stone and a way to mark it with a rune after performing a Ritual that takes at least 10 minutes to perform; the specifics of this Ritual vary among individual Witches but it usually incorporates something important from their past, an association with a powerful elemental spirit or some underlying theme that motivates them.

CLASS FEATURES: Witches receive these Class Features at first level for no build cost.

Having been chosen by the spirits to be the conduit between their world and the mortal’s world, a Witch is privy to powerful secrets. These secrets are her spells, which she (and she alone) can learn and cast. A Witch cannot cast spells while wearing metal armor of any kind. The benefits of this ability vary according to each type of Witch:

          A Dark Witch gains the Sybil of Flame skill, enabling her to cast Fury spells, which are spells of fire and destruction.

          Bright Witch gains the Sybil of Water skill, enabling her to cast Maia spells, which are spells of water and healing.

          A Grey Witch gains the Sybil of Earth skill, enabling her to cast Locus spells, which are spells of earth and protection.

The Witch is a medium between Midworld and Aetherworld, between the natural world and the spirit world. Thus, she is well equipped to deal with creatures of both worlds and those in between.

          All Witches receive the Spirit-Sight skill for no build cost.

          In addition, after 10 seconds of Channeling, a Witch can spend 1 SP to place a Befriend effect upon an Elemental Spirit or Beast Spirit for 1 minute. To do this, a Witch must say “Aethyric Envoy! Befriend 60!” – a Witch can Befriend a target within a one-handed weapon’s reach or outside of that, by throwing and hitting with a Spell packet.

          Furthermore, any and all Witches can call a minor Elemental Spirit to them that can light their path during times of darkness (phys rep: flash-light or other lighting device).To summon this spirit, Channel for 5 seconds and then say “Aethyric Envoy”.


Bright Witch: The song of river and storm is sung by the Bright Witch and these songs allow her great skill in the healing magics of Water and the subtle magics of Wind. Those who stand beside the Bright Witch will find their ills cured and their fears put to rest. Those who stand against the Bright Witch may as well stand against the stormy seas and expect as much for victory.

Dark Witch: Dark Witches are feared across Midworld for their mastery of the destructive magics of Flame and the secretive magics of Night. It was an army of Dark Witches that took to burning alive those that persecuted their kind and it was the Queen of Dark Witches that put a whole province to darkness and flame. In this perspective, it is well that m
any fear the Dark Witch – fear can mean the difference between a foolhardy death and wise survival.

Grey Witch: Those that think all Witches are empty spells and fragile flesh will find only disappointment when they face a Grey Witch. This type of Witch is skilled in protective Earth magics and in the use of the Witch-blade, a magical, indestructible weapon that all Grey Witches possess. Though they are limited in spell ability and in martial power, the sum of the two parts can make a devastating, greater whole.