Soldier (Warrior)

Build Options: Soldier characters can choose to spend their Build Points on Warrior Skills or Warrior Feats.

Overview: The Soldier is a beast of war, tested again and again by the field of battle and found without lack. He is a warrior that uses strategy melded with strength, determination coupled with deception, and curse words to back up his sword arm.  The Soldier is driven by a steely discipline and a cruel cunning to achieve his goals at all costs.

Like the Armsman, he uses skill. Like the Rogue, he is clever. But unlike both of them, he believes in tactics, strategy and groupwork to save the day. The Solider is a team player like the Champion. Unlike the Champion, he is more wits than guts.

Let the Armsman have his skill and the Champion have his ideals. The Soldier is too busy winning to care.

Role-playing Notes: There are those whose lives are justified only by battle and war, murder and death. They have seen much in their lives, they have slain much in their years and all they’ve seen and done have done nothing but make them harder, crueler and smarter.

Thus is wrought the fate of the Soldier, whose life is war itself. Some Soldiers find themselves fantasizing about living on an idyllic farm. Others wish to retire wealthy after their “slaying years”.

However, all of them without exception know that the path they tread is a bloody one, fraught with danger and misfortune, carved from the corpses of their enemies. And the only way to get to the end of it is to be stronger, smarter and luckier than those they face.

Brother Mocker, a mercenary of the Brotherhood of the Sword and Cross, writes thusly in his portion of the Annals:

“I used to wonder whether my Brothers and I were righteous. We have seen things that no man ought to see. We have done things that no man ought to do. And we have cleaved bloody death across the entirety of Midworld for honor and coin and less than those.

Might be that what we’ve done is good work in the Eagle’s eye.

Might be that we deserve to die for what we’ve wrought.

Truth is, there ain’t no justice in the world but the justice of the sword.

Right now, we’re holding the sword”

SUB-CLASS FEATURES: A first level Soldier automatically receives the following abilities at no cost to build:


          You learn the Critical Strike Feat for no Build cost.

          In addition, when attacking an enemy from behind and when striking his enemy’s back torso, a Soldier can slow his attacks to deliver stronger strikes. To do this, preface your damage with the word “Backstab” (e.g. “Backstab 5 damage”). Your new damage value is your normal melee damage +2.


          You learn the Camouflage skill. You can use this skill while wearing metal armor.

          In addition, you can also hide any of your Comrade-in-arms (as specified in the Comrade-in-arms skill)  if they are within a one-handed weapon’s reach of you.

          If you prematurely break from Camouflage, you can say “Launch the Ambush!”. You gain a (0 SP) free use of the Critical Strike feat. Preface this Critical Strike with “Expert” (e.g. “Expert Crit 10 damage!”). This Critical Strike costs you 0 SP to perform but must be performed within 30 seconds after breaking from Camouflage.   

The following Sub-class features can only be gained when the Character reaches the required level and has learned the required feats, skills and/or spells.

Level 2: Break Their Ranks
Requires: Critical Strike feat and Knockback feat.
Once per period, a Solider can attempt to break an enemy formation through a deadly maneuver.

To do this, say “Break their Ranks” then immediately follow it by saying “Whirlwind 15 damage” or “Whirlwind Knockback 10”. You affect everyone within a one-handed weapon reach of you – extend your weapon forward and downward to determine the extent of your reach. If you are using a two-handed weapon, you may extend it to determine your reach but you must keep one hand on the middle of the weapon.

After you damage or knock back your enemies, you may say “Heal 10” to restore up to 10 HP.

At 10th level, the damage of “Break their Ranks” improves to 20 damage and the healing improves to 20 HP.

Level 4: Hound of War
Requires: Critical Strike feat
When engaging an enemy is currently being affected by any Control effect except Domination and Knockback, you gain a free (0 SP) use of the Critical Strike feat as your first strike (and only your first strike). Preface this Critical Strike with “Expert” (e.g. “Expert Crit 10 damage!”). This Critical Strike costs you 0 SP to perform but must be performed as your first strike against the target.

You may not use Hound of War more than once per minute.

Level 6: Tactical Maneuvering
Requires: Resilience skill and Parry feat or Block feat
Once per period, a Soldier may attempt to relocate himself and any of his Comrades to a more advantageous position for defense or offense.

To do this, declare “Tactical Maneuvering” and then count to 30 seconds, saying “Minimal 1, Minimal 2…Minimal 30”. If you have any Comrades within a one-handed weapon reach of you when you do this, they may also count with you. While counting “Minimal”, you cannot attack although you can move at any pace and you may defend yourself. Any attack that hits you or your affected Comrades while you are doing this inflicts only 1 point of damage.

If your comrades are hit by the appropriate Bane damage (Mortal-bane for all player Races, additionally, Demon-bane for Nightkin and Spirit-bane for Beastlings), the effects of Tactical Maneuvering is ended prematurely for that person. If you are hit by the appropriate Bane damage, then it ends prematurely for everyone.

Level 8: Focus Fire
Requires: Critical Strike and Comrade-in-Ar
Whenever one of your Comrades uses the Critical Strike feat on an enemy, you gain a free use of the Critical Strike feat. Preface this Critical Strike with “Focused” (e.g. “Focused Crit 10 damage!”). This Critical Strike costs you 0 SP to perform but must be performed within 10 seconds of the triggering attack.

You may only benefit from Focus Fire once every minute.

Level 10: Wolf of War
Requires: Bloodied but Unbowed skill
A true Soldier recognizes the dangers and the perils of war. He does not embrace it, but he has accepted it and is willing to endure it for the promise of victory and spoils of battle.

When you are at 0 HP and after 1 minute of your Death Count, you may say “Wolf of War! Heal 10! 5 Spirit!” to regain up to 10 HP and up to 5 SP, reviving yourself for the next phase of the conflict. You may use this even if you are at your Critical Death Count. This function of “Wolf of War” may only be used once per Month.

Furthermore, when you use the Bloodied but Unbowed skill to Augment a defense feat, it costs 15 HP instead of 20 HP.

Lastly, when you bring an enemy to 0 HP through a melee attack, you may channel for 5 seconds and then say “Wolf of War! Heal 10” to regain up to 10 HP and gain a free (0 SP) use of the Critical Strike feat. Preface this Critical Strike with “Expert” (e.g. “Expert Crit 10 damage!”). This Critical Strike costs you 0 SP to perform but must be performed within 1 minute of your kill.