Champion (Warrior)

Build Options: Champion characters can choose to spend their Build Points on Warrior Skills or Warrior Feats.

Overview: There are those who follow codes of conduct, wrought by god, teacher or kingdom. Each code differs from the others. The Code of Pendrakken Knighthood and its ilk commands courtesy to nobility and commoner. Those that follow the savage Codes of the Jotunbrud or the Firbolg allow only dignity to the strong. There are Codes writ, as Code of Dammerung, that call for ultimate loyalty to the King-Priest. The followers of the Code of Kali-Ishtar allow for no mortal to be above their goddess.

But for each Code, there are Champions – those that have taken the code to their very heart, as their very soul.

All Champions believe that when one strives for an ideal, when one strives for something above and beyond their own flesh and blood and bones, they become more than what they are.

Thus are the Champion and the Code one.

As the Code is infallible, so too must a Champion be without failure.

As the Code is unbreachable, so too must a Champion be without dishonor.

And as the Code is indestructible, so too can a Champion be without defeat.

Role-playing Notes: Honor and glory — these are bread and butter to a Champion. You are bound by a code of conduct that is as unbending as steel.

 Act honorably– as your code professes.

 Act justly– as your code dictates.

 But let no Man think you their lesser for following a code that is greater than all Men. They might call you a Knight, a Bushi, a Cavalier or a Kshatrya. You might fight for honor or for clan, for god or for king, but know this: as the code is your armor, so too is it your hammer. Smite your enemies, defend your friends and advance your ideals! For honor and for glory!

SUB-CLASS FEATURES: A first level Champion automatically receives the following abilities at no cost to build:


–     A Champion gains the Comrade-in-Arms skill for no Build cost.

          In addition, whenever one of his Comrades is brought to 0 HP by an enemy, a Champion gains a free use of the Critical Strike feat (if she has it) to be used upon one of her ally’s assailants. Preface this Critical Strike with “Avenging” (e.g. “Avenging Crit 10 damage!”). This Critical Strike costs her 0 SP to perform but must be performed within 30 seconds after her ally has been downed.


          The Champion gains either the Parry feat or the Block feat (her choice) for no Build cost.

          Furthermore, she can Augment either feat to negate melee attacks against a Comrade-in-arms within weapon reach. Within 5 seconds after her comrade is attacked, she may touch her ally with her weapon and say “Intercept Parry” or “Intercept Block” to negate the attack. A Feat may only one Augment or Modification upon it at a time and it still costs 1 SP to do this.

The following Sub-class features can only be gained when the Character reaches the required level and has learned the required feats, skills and/or spells.

Level 2: Smite the Unjust

Requires: Critical Strike feat

Once per period, a Champion can fill herself with a righteous devotion to justice and then sentence a foe to destruction, dealing out the terms of execution with her own steel.

To do this, you must say “Smite the Unjust! Heal 50” to regain up to 50 HP. Afterward, you may perform a melee attack upon an enemy and saying one of the following in mid-swing:

          30 damage

          Stun 10

          Daze 30

Level 4: Righteous Retribution

Requires: Critical Strike feat and the Block feat or the Parry feat

Foes and enemies that dare to attack your wards and your allies would beware your righteous wrath.

Whenever you use your Watchful Interceptor feature to Parry or Block an attack meant for an ally, you may inflict an Avenging Critical Strike upon your ally’s assailant as above. This does not cost you any SP.

Level 6: For Honor and Glory!

Requires: Challenging Strike feat and Toughness (Rank 5)

Once per period, a Champion may summon her depthless reserves of willpower and fortitude to call her enemies to battle.

To do this, say “For Honor and Glory!” and then say “Whirlwind Taunt 30”,  affecting everyone within a one-handed weapon reach of you – extend your weapon downward to determine the extent of your reach. If you are using a two-handed weapon, you may extend it to determine your reach but you must keep one hand on the middle of the weapon.

After you taunt your enemies into fighting you, take minimal damage from all attacks for 10 seconds if you do not strike back or move faster than a slow walk (1 step every 2 seconds). Count out those ten seconds by loudly saying “Minimal 1, Minimal 2…Minimal 10”.

Any Bane damage that hits you and is of the appropriate type will prematurely end “For Honor and Glory” and inflict its normal damage value upon you.

Level 8: Shield of Honor
Requires: Comrade-in-Arms skill and Intervene feat
You are not merely the Champion of Lord, God or a Cause- you have become a shield that protects and nurtures that which you value. Your companions are blessed by your presence and the enemies of your Lord, God or Cause rue your very existence.

If you use the Intervene feat to take an attack meant for ally, you may sacrifice up to 5 HP to inflict an Avenging Critical Strike upon your ally’s assailant as above.

Level 10: Honorable Warriors Never Fall
Requires: Bravery skill, Persistence skill, Resilience skill and Willpower skill
Once per moon, a Champion can bring herself back from death’s door through sheer fortitude and willpower. One minute after you are brought to 0 HP or below, you may say “Honor never Dies! Heal 100! 10 Spirit!”. You regain up to 100 HP and 10 SP.

“Honor never Dies” also functions even when you are at your Critical Death count although its benefits are halved; you only heal up to 50 HP and you only regain up to 5 SP.

Any fallen (at in the first stage of their Death Count) Comrade-in-Arms that are within a one-handed weapon’s reach (or whirlwind reach as above) also gain the benefits of “Honor never Dies”.