Warrior Sub-Classes: Warriors must choose from one of three Sub-classes: the Armsman, the Champion and the Soldier.

Build Options: Warrior characters can choose to spend their Build Points on Warrior Skills or Warrior Feats.

Class Overview: Upon the field of battle, the Warrior is the first to arrive and the last to leave. There are many kinds of Warriors, but they are characterized by a determination wrought of steel and uncanny feats of martial prowess that baffle even those they eviscerate. Warriors have the most defensive feats and hit points, allowing them staying power on the field. Whether it is blood-thirst, discipline or deathly focus that allows them victory, it is as the old adage says: “Every war is won and lost by the blood and sweat of warriors”

The great hero of the Obsidian Kingdom, Sung Su professes thusly in his Treatise “The Seven Truths”:

“…a True Warrior, a warrior who can never lose possesses the following truths:

   -Strength: A true Warrior must be physically strong, strong enough to carry his weapons and armor.

   -Precision: A true Warrior knows his weapons well.

   -Speed: A true Warrior is as quick as he is powerful.

   -Fortitude: A true Warrior is as tough as steel to endure the pains of battle.

   -Willpower: A true Warrior is as tough in mind as he is in body.

   -Wisdom: A true Warrior knows well when and how to fight.

   -Cruelty: A true Warrior must be without mercy to those he opposes.

Thus is built the tenets of the True Warrior. A Warrior who holds these truths in his mind, in his heart and in his blade will never know defeat…”

CLASS FEATURES: Warriors receive these Class Features at first level for no build cost.

Those who know well the art of war know also its dangers. Thus, Warriors must be strong to weather the injuries and pains to come.

          Warriors who purchase the Toughness skill receive 5 HP instead of 3 HP.

A true Warrior knows his craft, studying it and keening it to a fine edge. In this way, a Warrior may triumph not simply because he is tougher than others but because he is better disciplined.

          The Warrior gains 1 Proficiency Skill of his choice.

          Proficiency Skills only cost 1 build instead of 3 build.


Armsman: There are those that say that all steel, be it in keen blade or cruel hammer, has a song. The Armsmen say that it can be made to sing death and devastation by one with the skill and the will to do so. These Warriors are united by one principle, stated well by the Kenrei sage Sung Su: “Superiority upon the field of battle lies within the self, not without.”

Champion: All Champions believe that when one strives for an ideal, when one strives for something above and beyond their own flesh and blood and bones, they become more than what they are. Thus are the Champion and his Code one. As the Code is infallible, so too must a Champion be without fail. As the Code is unbreachable, so too must a Champion be without dishonor. And as the Code is indestructible, so too can a Champion be without defeat.

Soldier: Soldiers are warriors that use strategy melded with strength, determination coupled with deception, and curse words to back up their sword arms. Driven by a steely discipline and a cruel cunning to achieve his goals at all costs, a Soldier believes in tactics, strategy and group-work to save the day. Let the Armsman have his skill and the Champion have his ideals; the Soldier is too busy winning to care.