Necromancer (Sorcerer)

Build Options: Necromancer characters can choose to spend their Build Points on Sorcerer Skills or Sorcerer Spells.

Overview: The origin of the Necronomicon, the Tome of Ordeals, is a tale unknown to the mortal world. This book, made of demon flesh and Elven wings, has been touted as the gift of gods and the curse of demons in separate tellings. What is undeniably true is that it is death to those who read from its pages.

Those who do not die instantly or become hopelessly insane from reading the Tome of Ordeals in entirety are called Necromancers – Sorcerers possessed of power over flesh and bone and spirit. These souls who have looked beyond the veil of oblivion and have survived still lose a certain something despite their success, all semblance of innocence and purity is blasted away by the Tome’s fell power. All Necromancers report the loss of key memories after reading the book. A few even accept that their reading was responsible for the otherwise unexplained demise of their loved ones and relatives in the week that followed.

As the Sorcerer is steeped in the concept of currency, so too is this loss not without benefit. The memories that have been lost are replaced with powerful words and passages that allow Necromancers to bend flesh and bone to their will – even slaying their enemies with pure agony. Necromancers record these new memories in their own versions of the Necronomicon in an attempt to piece together the book. As years pass and as they learn more of their craft, the tome becomes more and more complete.

It is accepted as fact that when a Necromancer’s tome is completed, they will achieve immortality. Whether it is life eternal or an existence as an unliving abomination is up to debate – after all, no one that has completed the Tome has ever reported such success. Regrettably, history is filled with Necromancers that have gone mad and ravaged the land with armies of the walking dead.

Still, there are those that see the Necromancer’s powers and see utility. Many Necromancers are capable healers and bringing a patient back from the realm of the dead is a spell all Necromancers possess. For this fact, Necromancy is looked upon with suspicions but far less so than Shadow-binding or Diablerie.

Role-playing Notes: In your quest for power, or perhaps, because of it, your life has been taken from you. You walk among the living, you breathe, you feel and you eat, but you are far from alive. You might act alive, partake in feasting and even affect a joyous temperament – but the Tome continues to haunt you in your dreams and in your waking hours. From time to time, visions will assail your mind. Some are falsehoods while others are prophetic, but all of these will be profoundly disturbing.

You have little recollection of what you have read but what little you remember, each tiny tidbit, grants you a horrible power over the realms of the living and the dead. Whether you find such might loathsome or not, this power is yours to wield for good or ill. Just remember what awaits you, and all things that walk upon Midworld, in the end – you have seen it and more importantly, it has seen you.

Prop Requirements: A copy of the Tome of Ordeals – represented by a medium-sized (at least 2 inches thick and half a foot in length and width) tome with a blackened cover, etched with arcane symbols.

SUB-CLASS FEATURES: A first level Necromancer automatically receives the following abilities at no cost to build:


  • You can learn and cast spells from the Necromancy Discipline.
  • A Necromancer may learn how to make minions and grafts by harvesting organs and body parts. Minions are corpses raised as necromantic servant-soldiers. Grafts are body-parts that are attached to living creatures that grant them benefits.
  • In addition, the necromancer automatically learns the Word of Soul Mending spell and the Graft of the Soulless or Graft of the Ghoul (choose one) at no build cost.


  • The Ordeal of the Tome has allowed a Necromancer to see spirits and to speak to them. You gain the Spirit-Sight skill.
  • You may say “Spectral Masque” and then deliver a “Fear 10” effect via Spell-packet or Weapon strike, saying the effect in mid-throw or mid-swing. Once this function of Spectral Masque is used, it may not be used again until after you has taken a Short Rest.
  • Alternatively, you can respond with “Spectral Masque” when you are hit by a Pain or Mortal effect in order to negate the effect; this also expends the use of “Spectral Masque” above until a Short Rest has been completed.

The following Sub-class features can only be gained when the Character reaches the required level and has learned the required feats, skills and/or spells.

Level 2: Command the Unliving

Requires: Word of Grim Binding spell and Word of Soul-Mending Spell

Once per period, you may use this ability upon a lesser undead creature. To do this, you must say “I bind you to my service, minion of Undeath!” and while throwing a spell-packet at your target, say

“Dominate 10 minutes!”. If you hit, this lesser undead creature is bound to your service for 10 minutes. If this Feature is used upon a Greater Undead creature, it automatically fails but is not expended for the Period.

Alternatively, you may use this Sub-Class Feature to instantly revive a dying creature or bring a dead character back to life. Your subject’s spirit must be willing to undergo the process and you must clarify to the Player or Actor that when it is revived, it will be healed for up to a 100 HP and it is dominated by for a 100 seconds. Your subject must fully agree to be revived by and commanded by you in order for this Sub-class Feature to work; if they agree, say “Command the Unliving! Heal 100! Dominate 100!”

Level 4: Grim Harvest

Requires: Oath of Grim Counsel spell

Just as the Necromancers have gazed into the Tome of Ordeals and found enlightenment in madness, so too can a Necromancer find life in the death of an enemy.

After Channeling for 10 seconds over a freshly slain corpse and while you have your Tome in hand (or you are touching it), you may say “Grim Harvest! Heal 10”. You regain up to 10 HP and if the corpse was of an Undead creature, you can harvest components from it as though you had the Hunter-Gatherer skill.

Finally, you also regain 1 SP that di
ssipates within 1 minute if unused. Most Necromancers use this SP immediately to cast a spell that requires SP.

Grim Harvest can only be used once per particular corpse, although you don’t have to be the one that created that corpse. 

Level 6: Split the Soul

Requires: Word of Soul-Mending spell and Word of Flesh-mending spell

Through self-sacrifice and great agony, you can empower yourself and your spells with greater potency. This Sub-class feature burns your flesh and spirit with Necromantic power in order to fuel your next 6 spells with your own life-force.

Once per period, you may say “Split the Soul! 10 Mortal-bane!” while holding (or touching) your Tome of Ordeals. You take 10 points of damage (bypassing AP) but  your spells are greatly improved by your sacrifice. Within the next 60 seconds, the next 6 spells that you cast will have their effects augmented by this Feature, as long as they are one of the spells outlined in the list below:

          Word of Pain: Inflicts 20 damage instead.

          Word of Flesh-Mending: Heals 30 HP instead.

          Word of Grim-Mending: Heals 20 HP instead.

          Word of Life-theft: Inflicts 20 damage and you heal 20 HP.

          Oath of Grim Strength: You can inflict 15 damage with your next melee strike.

          Oath of the Grim Form: You inflict Fear 15s instead and you can regain up to 20 HP.

Level 8: The Flesh is Weak

Requires: Disciple of Fleshcraft skill

You have recognized the weakness of the flesh and can take steps to compensate for this flaw through sheer willpower and eldritch might, preventing Pain or Mortal effects from stopping  you.

Whenever you are affected by a Pain effect or a Mortal Effect, you may lay a hand upon your Tome of Ordeals and say “The Flesh is Weak” to remove the effect from you. However, this show of determination inflicts 15 points of damage upon you that bypasses any AP.

Level 10: What is Dead Cannot Die

Requires: Toughness (10 ranks), Master of Fleshcraft skill

You now fully comprehend what it means to die and therefore, what it is to live. Your studies into the nature of life and death have made sure of this.

Once per month, a Necromancer who goes past his death count may invoke this ability. He rises again at full HP and full SP with no loss of life or the activation of his Graft.

Furthermore, the Necromancer’s Spectral Masque ability may be activated by expending 1 SP with each use after the first; this means that you can inflict Fear or negate Mortal/Pain effects more often.