Diabolist (Sorcerer)

Build Options: Diabolist characters can choose to spend their Build Points on Sorcerer Skills or Sorcerer Spells.

Overview: In the Underworld, there are malicious intelligences that thrive upon the souls of mortals. Dwelling in forbidding citadels called “Vaults”, these demons are possessed of deadly magics and dark secrets that they are willing to share to those mortals willing to pledge themselves to their service. Those who hold the Vault of Secrets are especially open to the recruitment of Midworld’s willing souls to their unholy crusades.

Diabolists are those souls that have pledged themselves and the souls of those they slay to the Vault of Secrets. In exchange, they earn the power to bend hellfire and baelfrost to their whim, through secret words that they have been taught by their demonic masters. Most Diabolists are taught the basics of their craft and set loose upon Midworld to achieve whatever ends they desire. Those that survive and grow in might are observed, studied and then tasked to a mission important to the Vault’s goals – success equals more reward and greater station in the Vault. Those that fail in their assigned tasks would do well to make themselves scarce lest their patrons make their displeasure known… entire cities have disappeared from the face of Midworld as a result of the Vault’s displeasure.

 Diabolists face enemies among the general population as well. Trafficking and consorting with demons is a grave offense in many Kingdoms. Woe to the amateur Diabolist who is found by a frenzied mob.

Fortunately, there are those in positions of great power that find Diabolists more than useful in their affairs. By their very nature, Diabolists are creatures of their word and they are less willing to break faith than most mercenary folk. Furthermore, the ability to turn enemies into ash and bits of bloody water cannot be ignored in its utility.

Whether they are free or hired, all Diabolists are fearsome spellcasters in their own right. It may be that a Diabolist found by a frenzied mob is as good as lynched and burned, but it is more than likely that a seasoned Diabolist facing such opposition may well be capable of turning the mob into a mound of corpses.

Role-playing Notes: As a Diabolist, expect to be hated and feared by those who find out who you are. Therefore, keep the origins of your abilities a well-kept secret. Most folk expect Diabolists to be sacrificing them and betraying them at the earliest opportunity and you know such talk to be nothing but that: just talk. However, those truly worthy of your respect and your camaraderie will feel nothing but security and admiration for the powers you have earned and the way that you use them. After you’ve saved their lives with a timely wave of hellfire, they cannot help but think the best for your intentions.

Remember, you are a magic-user, not the other way around. Your magic does not control you just as a sword does not control its wielder. And so, you are at liberty as to their usage – when, where and upon whom you use them on.

However, the fear that most folk have for demons is not beyond you, either. You may have learned your craft from the Vault, but that does not make you friends, only allies. The Vault has been known to be uncaring as to the well-being of their allies; they are only concerned as to the success or failure of the missions they assign. Fortunately, the Vault’s agents are rarely seen and the Vault rarely assigns missions… although with the arrival of the Seventh Kingdom, the frequency of their visitations has been increasing.

It is only a matter of time, then, until they call upon you. You best be ready at that point, ready with fire and frost to do their bidding… or if you’re strong enough, to deny them.

Special Restrictions: Some Diabolists may call into being a Pact-Stave, which is a weapon (although not necessarily a staff) that is covered in runes. It must have a symbol of the Vault of Secrets: a broken circle – some symbols depict a horned serpent about to eat its own tail. This symbol need not be openly displayed but it should be upon the Diabolist’s person. The Pact-stave need not be upon the Diabolist’s person all the time.

On Demonic Patrons

SUB-CLASS FEATURES: A first level Diabolist automatically receives the following abilities at no cost to build:


          You can cast spells from the Diablerie Discipline

          You can learn the secret names of certain demons and devils, allowing you to summon them into a willing host via a Soul-Graft. You have no knowledge of any Soul-Grafts but you can learn to use them.

          Furthermore, you may begin the game with a Pact Stave.

Using a Pact-Stave: A Pact-Stave is a powerful weapon for those skilled in its use. A Pact-Stave can hold up to 5 weapon augmentations.

Spell-Storing: A Pact-Stave can store 1 basic Sorcerer Spell (non-Ritual, Basic Bolt or Touch spell only) within it, keeping the spell indefinitely until it is called forth by the Diabolist. This spell must be one that the Diabolist himself has cast.

To unleash the spell, a Diabolist merely has to strike an opponent upon his body (not on a weapon or a shield) and invoke the effect of the spell within the Pact-Stave. This strike can be parried, blocked or dodged.

Lastly, when a spell is cast through a Pact-Stave, only the spell will take effect – any feats or even regular weapon damage will not occur at the strike, only the spell. This means that if a spell inflicts damage, this damage happens in lieu of the damage or the effects of a weapon strike.

Pact-Stave Retribution: Like a raging daemon, a Diabolist injured in melee can pour his rage into his weapon.

When a Diabolist takes damage from a melee attack, he may strike at her attacker while saying “Knockback 3” in mid-swing. If he hits his target’s body (not a shield or a weapon), his target must take 3 steps back; this is not a long distance but it allows the Pact-Mage some breathing room when attacked in melee.

This repelling attack can be used as often as the wielder desires, so long as the Knockback attack is preceded by an injury from a Melee attack and the target of the Knockback is the attacker who inflicted the injury.

Destroying a Pact-Stave: So long as the Diabolist who created it is alive, a Pact-Stave cannot be broken by physical or magical means. If a Diabolist dies a true death, however, then their Pact-Stave is as vulnerable to damage and destruction as a normal weapon of its type.

A Diabolist who loses his Pact-Stave in
any way, may summon it to his side using this Sub-class Feature after Channeling for 60 seconds.


    You learn the Word of Hellfire and the Word of Baelfrost for no build cost.

The following Sub-class features can only be gained when the Character reaches the required level and has learned the required feats, skills and/or spells.

Level 2: Binding Pact

Requires: Oath of Fell Influence spell

Once per period, you may use this ability upon a lesser Demon invoking “I bind you to my service, minion of the Vault! Domination 10 minutes!” while striking it with a spell packet. This lesser demon is bound to your service for 10 minutes. If this Feature is used upon a Greater Demon, it automatically fails but is not expended for the Period.

Alternatively, you may use this Sub-class Feature to negate an Attack or a Control effect placed upon you and to transfer it to a nearby creature via touch. To do this, simply respond to the Attack or the Control effect with “Binding Pact” and then tap a nearby creature with a melee attack while saying the damage or the Control effect that you are trying to transfer. If you successfully hit, then whomever you hit will take the effect for you.

You cannot return the Attack or Control effect to its origin. Similarly, if no valid targets exist for you to transfer the damage/effect or if you fail to successfully hit your target, then you must take the damage/effect.

Level 4: Soul-Reaver

Requires: Disciple of Bloodcraft skill

Similar to the Demonic entities that grant you your power, you gain the ability to use the souls of fallen creatures to your own ends.

Whenever you use the secondary function of the Disciple of Bloodcraft skill or Master of Bloodcraft skill, you also siphon a portion of the corpse’s departing spirit to use as energy for your spell; you gain 1 SP that will dissipate after 10 seconds if unused.

Most Diabolists use this Sub-Class Feature to cast a spell that requires SP and store it within their Pact-Staves.

Level 6: Rain of Ice and Fire

Requires: Disciple of Destruction skill, Word of Hellfire spell and the Word of Baelfrost spell

Your proficiency in wielding the contradictory energies of Hellfire and Baelfrost has improved, even as you struggle to reach a difficult balance between the two. As a testament to your skill, you can conjure a veritable flurry of fiery, freezing power and direct its flow according to your will.

Once per period, you may invoke a “Rain of Ice and Fire” and then throw two sets of wave 3 attacks.

For the first wave, you can throw a spell-packet at up to 3 different targets; you must say “Wave! 15 Ice!” in mid-throw for each of them.

For the second wave, you can also throw a spell-packet at up to 3 different targets and you must say “Wave! 15 Fire!” in mid-throw for each of them. A particular creature can be hit with a Fire attack and an Ice attack, but no one may be targeted more than once for each wave.

You have 30 seconds to cast all 6 bolts during which you may not move from your current position – doing so will expend this spell and discontinue your barrage. You must have your Pact-Stave in hand to use this ability.

Alternatively, you may deliver these Wave attacks by Pact-Stave with the same restrictions as above, except that you can move at a walk instead of being immobile.

Level 8: Vengeance of the Fallen

Requires: Channeling Mastery skill

Whenever you are struck while Channeling or Casting a spell, you may disrupt your own spell and attack your assailant with your Pact-Stave, saying “Knockback 10” in mid-swing. If you hit, your target must take 10 steps away from you.

Similarly, if you are damaged while Channeling or Casting the Word of Hellfire or the Word of Baelfrost spell, your next Word of Hellfire or Word of Baelfrost spell used against your assailant receives a +5 bonus to its damage.

Level 10: Storm of Ice and Fire

Requires: Master of Destruction skill

Your mastery of the Destruction Discipline only furthers your descent into the depths of knowledge and power. In a display of diabolic expertise, you can burst forth with a storm of Hellfire and Baelfrost strong enough to destroy all the oppose you.

Once per moon, you may invoke “Storm of Ice and Fire” and then throw 5 spell-packets that inflict “15 Ice” upon their targets. Afterward, you may throw 5 spell-packets that inflict “15 Fire” upon their targets.

You must have your Pact-Stave in hand to use this ability. You have 30 seconds to cast all 10 bolts during which you may not move from your current position – doing so will expend this spell and discontinue your barrage. These attacks have no target restrictions.

Furthermore, your Pact-Stave gains the ability to store one Basic Spell (non-Ritual; Touch or Bolt only) from any Class, as long as you were the one that cast it.