Sorcerer Sub-Classes: Sorcerers must choose from one of three sub-classes: the Diabolist, the Necromancer and the Shadowsoul.

Build Options: Sorcerer characters can choose to spend their Build Points on Sorcerer Skills or Sorcerer Spells.

Class Overview: There are those for whom the siren call of magical power is too great to resist. Only those who succumb to this vocation, who are willing to risk life, limb and sanity to achieve their goals and who survive the rigors of their initiation can truly be called Sorcerers.

Where other wielders of magic are granted their spells by outside powers, Sorcerers have earned the use of their magics through costly sacrifice. Soul, sanity, shadow – these are the currencies for which power, true power, is bought.

Naturally, for every soul willing to pay the price, there are those who decry such contracts, no matter how irrelevant their opinions and their presences are to the transaction at hand. They have much to say about the Sorcerer’s lot: “Foolishness! Arrogance! Blasphemy!” They look upon the Sorcerer and feel fear, loathing and jealousy – they yearn for power but they have not the willpower to do what must be done.

Only those with the willpower can truly be called mighty.

Only those with the willpower can truly be called Sorcerers.

Only those with the willpower shall one day be called Gods.

And Godhood… is that not worth any price?

CLASS FEATURES: Sorcerers receive these Class Features at first level for no build cost:


  • Sorcerers can learn and cast Sorcerer spells although he cannot cast these spells while wearing metal armor. He can learn and cast spells from one Greater Discipline (determined by his Sub-class).
  • He can learn and cast spells from Lesser Disciplines if he becomes Disciples of them. In addition, he is able to utilize Eldritch Grafts – powerful augmentations that alter the soul of those they influence with fell power. A Sorcerer casting an Eldritch Graft upon himself does not need to pay the component cost.
  • Furthermore, any and all Sorcerers can call a minor spirit to them that can light their path during times of darkness (phys rep: flash-light or other lighting device). When doing this, you must first Channel for 5 seconds and then say “Sorcerer’s Lamp”.


  • By using pure willpower to cast a Sorcerer Spell, a Sorcerer can forgo any Channeling that the spell requires. To do this, he must preface the spell’s incantation with “By the Price of Power” or “By the Price of Power and…” (whichever fits better). However, doing this causes the Sorcerer to be Dazed for 30 seconds after the spell is cast; while Dazed, a character cannot use Spells or Feats. This can only be used on spells within the Sorcerer’s spell list.


Diabolist: The Diabolist draws power from those fell beasts that dwell in the Vault of Secrets. In exchange for his soul and the souls of those he slays in their name, the Demons have taught him spells that can conjure forth hellish flame and otherworldly cold. Where walks the Diabolist, destruction and lamentation inevitably follows.

Necromancer: Reading the Tome of Ordeals is an act that would destroy the minds and souls of lesser mortals. Those that survive this trial with the body, mind and soul mostly intact become Necromancers – Sorcerers capable of manipulating the powers of the Underworld, of death and pain, to his advantage.

Shadowsoul: “There is darkness in all souls” say the Shadowsouls of Midworld, but some shadows are deeper and viler than others. Through a secret ritual, one can call forth and trap a fearsome spirit called an Umbral Parasite in one’s own soul and from there, extract power through force and negotiation. It is through this fell discipline that Shadowsouls can control their enemies’ perceptions and shadows to their twisted whims.