Swashbuckler (Rogue)

Build Options: Swashbuckler characters can choose to spend their Build Points on Rogue Skills or Rogue Feats.

 Overview: The clever quip, the flashing blade and the audacity to do what no one else is willing to do- the Swashbuckler is the sum of those parts and more than even that. The Swashbuckler is the Bravo, the Duelist, the Femme Fatale and the Dashing Swordsman. He fights with skill, but he melds it with luck, daring and a certain palpable yet, intangible panache that only other Swashbucklers can match.

The Silver Elf Swashbuckler known as Aetherion the Smiling Sword was said to have won a hundred duels and sired a hundred bastards across Midworld. When asked about his exploits, he spoke thusly:

The art of the duel is much like the art of love. There are those that need caressing and there are those than need ravishing. But first and foremost, sharp blades and sharp clothes are sure to get you wherever you want to go.

Also, never underestimate the value of a good pair of boots”

Role-playing Notes: The Swashbuckler is the handsome rake and the rose with thorns. The Swashbuckler is beauty and blade, death and splendor, cleaved to perfect symmetry.

The sword, and her skill in it, is what separate the Swashbuckler from other loudmouths and braggarts. A Swashbuckler worth his salt can fight as well as he talks. In fact, Swashbucklers love nothing more than mingling the two actions.

Flaunt your skill, taunt your foe and then split him from stem to stern – that is the way of the grace and style and charm. That is the way of the Swashbuckler.

Those who fight the Swashbuckler fear the sting of his words more than they do the sting of his steel, but not by much. Many a stalwart enemy of a dashing Swashbuckler has attested to one humbling, irritating fact: “damn but they fight with style”

SUB-CLASS FEATURES: A first level Swashbuckler automatically receives the following abilities at no cost to build:


          If you are using a one-handed blade, such as a longsword, shortsword or dagger, your normal attacks inflict 1 additional point of damage. This is an Expertise bonus and does not stack with other Expertise bonuses.


          You learn the Mocking Words feat for no build cost.

          When you successfully hit with the Mocking Words feat, whether your target resists it or not, your normal melee attacks gain bonuses to damage at some cost to your striking speed. When attacking in melee like this, preface your damage with “Flourish” (e.g. “Flourish! 5 damage!”). However, you instead inflict the same amount of damage that you would with a “Backstab” attack, which includes the bonuses from the Dirty Fighting skill. You can no longer use this bonus if you attack a different target or after 10 minutes has passed.

          If you personally bring the target of your Mocking Words feat to 0 HP before 10 minutes has passed, you regain 1 SP.

The following Sub-class features can only be gained when the Character reaches the required level and has learned the required feats, skills and/or spells.

Level 2: Stylish Charm
Requires: Befriend Feat

Wit and Charm are not mere words to a Swashbuckler – they are the epitome of existence. A Swashbuckler without these is like a Adept without a Totem or a Sorcerer without dangerous, horrific magic at his beck and call — the worst fate imaginable for a Swashbuckler: being incredibly boring.

Once per Period, you may say “Stylish Charm! Whirlwind Befriend 60” to all characters within a one-handed weapon’s reach of you. Those characters are immediately befriended by your charming demeanor – they won’t volunteer anything for free but they will treat you with respect and camaraderie. For the next minute, you gain one free (0 SP) use of the Suggestion feat to use on any one that you have “Befriended”. Preface this Suggestion with “Charming” (e.g. “Charming Suggestion”).

Level 4: Cutting Insults
Requires: Critical Strike feat and the Mocking Words feat.
When a Swashbuckler insults his opponent in combat, they open gaps in their enemy’s defense, boost their own spirits and dispirit their foe. In that respect, Swashbucklers like following verbal insults with physical strikes, cutting deeply into their foe after a nasty word has been put in.

When you successfully hit with the Mocking Words feat and your target does not resist its effects, you gain 2 free (0 SP) uses of the Critical Strike feat; these must be used within the next 30 seconds and upon the target(s) of your Mocking Words feat. Preface each strike with “Insulting” (e.g. “Insulting Crit! 10 damage!”).

Level 6: Reversal of Fortunes
Requires: Redirect feat
Being a Swashbuckler is about charm and wit; but it’s also about luck and skill. Through a combination of the latter two, a Swashbuckler can reverse an enemy’s attack upon itself.

Once per Period, you can say “Reversal of Fortunes” to negate the effects of a melee attack on you and then clarify that your attacker has taken the damage or Control effect that he tried to inflict upon you. The Control effect or damage is still considered to have originated from the attacker (so if it was a Dominate effect, your enemy would not fall under your control).

Level 8: Cruel Riposte
Requires: Dodge feat, Resist Charm feat and Critical Strike feat
Those who strike at you and insult you are one and the same – all are worthy of only your disdain. To that end, you have trained wit and blade to inflict deadly cuts upon those who dare your wrath.

In the same vein, after performing the Dodge feat, Block feat or Parry feat against an enemy’s attack, you can find a hole in his defenses to exploit –  you may then perform a Critical Strike feat upon your assailant that costs 0 SP and must be prefaced with “Expert” as above.

With the Dual Weapon Expertise skill or the Einhander Expertise skill, you can perform two “Expert Critical Strikes” instead of just one.

Similarly, when you use the Resist Charm feat to negate a Taunt effect, you gain a free (0 SP) use of the Mocking Words feat that must be used upon your assailant. To do this, say “Cruel Riposte” in lieu of Mocking Words before making a melee or ranged

Level 10: Fortune Favors the Bold
Requires: Blind Fighting skill and the Redirect feat
Boldness and audacity mark the experienced Swashbuckler. Defying death becomes a way of life to a creature possess of charm, wit, skill and luck such as yourself. To that end, you can dive into the fray and expect nothing but victory even when all odds are against you.

Once per month, you can say “Fortune Favors the Bold” to activate this Sub-Class Feature. For one minute (and only one minute) afterward, you gain 7 free (0 SP) uses of the Redirect feat, which may be used as though Augmented by the Blind Fighting skill. Preface each Redirect feat with “Lucky” (e.g. “Lucky Redirect”)

Furthermore, when you are at your Critical Death Count, you may say “Mostly Dead” and be revived from that state with 1 HP. You may only do this once per month.