Scoundrel (Rogue)

Build Options: Scoundrel characters can choose to spend their Build Points on Rogue Skills or Rogue Feats.

Overview: The Scoundrel is dirty trick after dirty trick wrapped in a veneer of lies and deception. The world is a game and he intends to cheat. He’s the guy you hate when he’s not on your side. He’s there to disrupt the battle, to grief the opposition into submission. Count on the Scoundrel to take the heat off the casters, to allow the fighters some breathing room… and to run away laughing while they’re at it.

The Scoundrel goes by many names. He thinks of some of those names himself. Those who “misunderstand” him make up other monikers for him. A few of these labels are less than kind and more than applicable.

But in truth (a word used too often by Scoundrels), the Scoundrel is a simple soul: if there is something that he wants and he wants it bad enough, he’ll lend his considerable talents and gifts to get it. A good Scoundrel is a smart one and a smart Scoundrel is a good thing to have at one’s side. There are few folk that make and foil a trap as well as a Scoundrel can.

Of course, one should never expect a good Scoundrel to stick around when the going gets too tough. And if the Scoundrel’s footfalls are all that is left of him, then it is usually wisdom to follow him out.

Role-playing notes: Juan Tamad of the Riverfolk (whom some call Lazy John) said it best: “I’m not above the law. I’m just smarter than the law”

And truly, you have to be smarter and luckier than everyone else. You’re not meant to be a killer or a fighter.

You’re meant to get what you want in the easiest, most straightforward fashion. That usually means cunning schemes, quick fingers, devilish lies and sneaking past those who want to stop you.

And if killing is involved, then you have some skill at your disposal, though a right and proper Scoundrel would rather have someone else do the dirty work for him. Just because you’re dirty bastard but that doesn’t mean you have to get your hands and feet filthy too. Weapons and tools have their uses and so do people.

When a Scoundrel knows what he wants, other people can be useful tools too. Everybody’s got their own talents and gifts after all.

Get in there.

Get what you want.

Get out.

And if the plan fails, skip straight to step 3 and hope that you’re smarter and luckier than your enemies.

SUB-CLASS FEATURES: A first level Scoundrel automatically receives the following abilities at no cost to build:


          You learn the Evade feat for no build cost.

          Furthermore, when you use the Flee the Scene skill, you need only run for 5 seconds before successfully making your escape.


          You learn the Dirty Fighting skill, which improves Backstabber by 1 and improves the damage of your Assassinate feat.

          Furthermore, you may use the Backstabber feature and Dirty Fighting skill with ranged weapons. Note that if you use a thrown dagger, you still receive the +3 damage bonus that the Backstabber ability grants.

The following Sub-class features can only be gained when the Character reaches the required level and has learned the required feats, skills and/or spells.

Level 2: Acquisitions Expert
Requires: Cut Purse skill
A true Scoundrel can get what he wants, when he wants it. When you use the Cut Purse skill, you steal everything that is palm-sized within the container (not just one object).

Additionally, once per Period, you may say “Acquisitions Expert” to do one of the following:

          Negate and reverse a Cut Purse attempt against you. When someone uses Cut Purse on you and sends a Game Marshall to inform you of the theft, you may say “Acquisitions Expert” and clarify the effects of this Feature. You negate the thieving attempt, you know the identity of your thief and you are now in possession of either 1 GP or a Minor Component from the person of your would-be thief. If that character has neither, then you get nothing.

          Alternatively, you may use this feature to forgo the Searching or Harvesting count while looting a body or Harvesting a corpse for components.

Level 4: Trust Me
Requires: Befriend feat and the Suggestion feat.
The Scoundrels of Midworld may seem shady or seedy at first glance but they possess a uncanny charisma that disarms even the most guarded and most reserved of folk. This knack provides the following benefits:

          When you use a Social feat, they now only require 1 minute of Conversation instead of 5 minutes.

          Additionally, when you successfully use the Befriend feat, you may gain a free (0 SP) use of the Suggestion feat or the Gather Information feat. Preface the use of this feats with “Scoundrel’s” (e.g. “Scoundrel’s Suggestion” or “Scoundrel’s Gather Information”). You must use the free feat while the Befriend feat is affecting your target.

          Finally, whenever a character uses the “Sense Deception” feat upon you, clarify to them that the Sense Deception feat requires 2 SP instead of 1 SP when used on you.


Level 6: It’s a TRAP!
Requires: Sense Hidden feat and Skullduggery (Rank 1)
A good Scoundrel is not without good instincts; a dead Scoundrel however…. is not so good. While many might call you a cowar
d, you like to think of yourself as smarter than them. Once per Period, you may use this feature to escape an ambush or to harmlessly spring a trap. To do this, say “It’s a Trap” to do one of the following:

          All invisible enemies within earshot are revealed to you and your allies. You must loudly clarify this effect to everyone that can be affected.

          Alternatively, you can say “It’s a Trap” to negate the effects of a Trap that just hit you.

          Lastly, you can use “It’s a Trap” to gain a free use of the Flee the Scene feat that does not require any running. To do this, simply invoke this feature, say “Flee the Scene” and then proceed to your escape count.

Level 8: Vanishing Act
Requires: Camouflage skill and Flee the Scene feat.
Scoundrels don’t always know when they’re unwanted… or when they’re “Wanted”. Therefore, the successful ones always look for ways to hide from enemies and escape pursuers. To that end, you have perfected hiding and running away to an art form.

When you use the Camouflage skill, it only takes 5 seconds of uninterrupted hiding to turn you invisible.

Furthermore, when you use the Flee the Scene feat, it only requires 3 seconds of Fleeing.

Level 10: The Dark One’s Own Luck
Requires: Blind-Fighting skill
You are a very, very lucky bastard. All who oppose you shake their fists in the air at the very mention of your name. You are the scourge of the law and the bane of the wealthy.

You may now Augment the Evade feat so that it costs only 1 SP instead of 2 SP. When doing this, say “Scoundrel’s Evade” instead of “Evade”. A Feat may only have one Augment or Modification at a time.

In addition, you may respond with “Dark One’s Own Luck” to negate to any kind of attack that hits you and is not “Irresistible”; after you negate the attack you may transfer its damage or effect upon any target within a one-handed weapon’s reach of you.  You may use “Dark One’s Own Luck” once per Period.

Finally, when using the Flee the Scene feat, you may Augment it to waive its SP cost by running for 10 seconds, counting “Fleeing 1, Fleeing 2, Fleeing 3…Fleeing 10”.