Assassin (Rogue)

Build Options: Assassin characters can choose to spend their Build Points on Rogue Skills or Rogue Feats.

Overview: All Rogues are skilled at taking what they want; thus is the Assassin adept at his crime of choice: murder. The Assassin is the bloody knife in the shadows. The Assassin is the tasteless poison swimming in bitter ale. He is the wire wrapped tight around the neck of the unwary.

And just as murder is serious business, so too must the Assassin be skilled in his art. Most people are not happy to part with their gold, much less their lives. And so the Assassin must be careful when he is at his work. He cannot leap headlong into the fray. He must bide his time, as a panther on the hunt, striking quickly when opportunity presents itself and fading away before his victim can be avenged.

Let them call it cowardice to strike from the shadows. Let them cringe at every movement in the darkness. Let them call it murder to slay men unawares.

It matters not what they say when you know your work for what it is – be it industry, artistry or necessity.

Role-playing Notes: The Assassin is the reaver, the highwayman and the brigand. He is there to take your life first and your possessions second.

Some even develop their skills as an art, stalking and slaying their quarry as would a master huntsman. They savor the perfect kill as well as an Iron Dwarf would savor the finest beer.

Some Assassins are motivated by a higher calling than coin –there are those that say that the Obsidian Kingdom, the Silver Elves and the Riverfolk’s King in Crimson train orders of Assassins that they task with the occasional “removal of obstacles” for the sake of king and country.

And then there are those that say that a few Assassins perform their bloody art only upon tyrants and warlords. These slayers believe that the murder of one justifies the saving of a thousand.

Reasons aside, one fact remains: the Assassin is good at one thing and that is the art of the kill.

SUB-CLASS FEATURES: A first level Assassin automatically receives the following abilities at no cost to build:


          You learn the Waylay feat for no build cost.

          Whenever you use the Camouflage skill and you voluntarily break the Camouflage upon yourself before you are detected, you gain a free (0 SP) use of the Waylay feat. Preface the Control effect with “Expert” (e.g. “Expert Confuse 30”).


          You learn the Assassinate feat for no build cost.

          You can observe an enemy for at least 60 seconds, moving no faster than a slow walk and saying “Studying 1, Studying 2…Studying 60”. Any damage or Control effect you receive disrupts this process – at the end of this, you may perform 1 Assassinate feat for free (0 SP) upon the enemy you have studied. Preface this Assassinate with “Expert” (e.g. “Expert Assassinate 10 damage!”). This Assassinate costs you 0 SP to perform but must be performed within 30 seconds after completing your study and it must be your next melee attack.

The following Sub-class features can only be gained when the Character reaches the required level and has learned the required feats, skills and/or spells.

Level 2: Maybe Next Time

Requires: Flee the Scene feat

Once per period, you may speed away from the scene of the crime before anyone can catch you. To do this, say “Maybe Next Time!” and instantly perform a Flee the Scene feat for 0 SP. All attempts and feats used to chase you will fail; clarify this to your pursuers.

After you are done Fleeing, you regain up to 3 SP.

Level 4: Adept of the Lotus

Requires: Tolerate Poison feat and Student of the Lotus skill

To combat vigilant and resilient targets, Assassins must learn a variety of methods to accomplish their mission. Many turn to the art of poisoning, utilizing manufactured venoms to attack their target from an unexpected angle or augmenting their own fighting skills.

When using the Student of the Lotus Skill, you need to expose armor only once before applying the poison.

In addition, you are never affected by your own poison if you are interrupted while applying it your weapon.

Lastly, a weapon that you envenom remains in that state for an hour or until the poison is expended.

Level 6: Glory to the Slayer

Requires: Apotheosis (Rank 5)

All Assassins know all too well the thrill of the kill but experienced Assassins know how to use their emotions to energize their mind and body. Once per period, you may say “Glory to the Slayer” after bringing a target to 0 HP or performing a Killing Blow to regain up to 5 SP.

Level 8: Macabre Mask

Requires: Spine Strike feat and Waylay feat

The best Assassins bring a mystique to their arts, weaving shadow and rumor to their advantage. Whenever you successfully perform a Killing Blow upon a dying creature, you may whisper “Macabre Mask” to them and clarify to them that this Feature prevents them from knowing the identity of who killed them. If there are witnesses to observe you however, “Macabre Mask” does not prevent them from identifying you.

Furthermore, whenever you successfully use the Waylay feat or the Spine Strike feat, you gain the ability to perform an free (0 SP) Assassinate against the target of your Waylay or Spine Strike. Preface the Assassinate with “Macabre” (e.g. “Macabre Assassinate! 10 damage!”)

Level 10: Master of Murder

Requires: Dirty Fighting skill (Rank 3)

You have learned the deadliest lores that you can find and have honed them to a fine edge. Hundreds have fallen to your skill and your hands have been bloodied a thousand times over.

Once per Period, you may perform a Master Assassinate, which is an especially deadly version of the Assassinate feat. To do this, you must observe the target as the Student of Murder feature above. At any point within the next 10 minutes, you may say “Master Assassinate” and perform a melee attack against the target; in mid-swing, say “30 damage” or the damage of your Assassinate feat, whichever is better. If you hit any legal part of your target’s body, No Feat or Spell can negate this attack or reduce the damage of this attack although the use of certain Sub-Class features can help.

If your target is brought to 0 HP from this attack, you may say “Instant Killing Blow” followed by your normal melee damage to immediately bring your target into his Critical Death Count.

Unlike the normal Assassinate feat, this attack does not have to be done from behind nor need it strike your target’s torso.

If “Master Assassinate” is done with a dagger, you may inflict “50 damage” instead of your normal damage.

Lastly, you can Augment the Assassinate feat so that you can use it a creature whom you have Confused, Crippled or Ensnared, as though you were striking from behind. Preface this use of the Assassinate feat with “Ruthless” (e.g. “Ruthless Assassinate! 10 damage!”). As usual, a Feat can only benefit from one Augment or Modification at a time.