Rogue Sub-Classes: Rogues must choose from one of three Sub-classes: the Assassin, the Scoundrel and the Swashbuckler.

Build Options: Rogue characters can choose to spend their Build Points on Rogue Skills or Rogue Feats.

Class Overview: As the world is covered in Kingdoms and Laws, so too is it filled with those who have little use for lords and rules. Most folk profess little and less trust for Rogues; they think of them as snarls in the yarn, bubbles in the paint. Rogues are unapologetic trouble-makers, be it for good or ill.

Despite their penchant for stealth and subterfuge, Rogues tend to stick out of the norm. Rogues can be commoners, outlaws or even nobility. Some Rogues prefer to think themselves more as Wild Cards: they’re there to make things “interesting” for everyone and profitable for themselves.

Other Rogues put less thought to identity and philosophy, focusing their considerable talents toward getting what they want and getting it now –rules be damned. And by skill, will and incredible luck, they succeed.

Class Features: Rogues receive these Class Features at first level for no build cost.

Quick and nimble, Rogues are not meant for sustained head-to-head combat; they like to fight with unfair advantages and with weapons that are easily hidden.

          You gain the Dagger Proficiency skill, which allows you to do normal damage with a Dagger and use Feats while wielding it.

          In addition, when attacking an enemy from behind and when striking his enemy’s back torso, a Rogue can slow his attacks to deliver stronger strikes. To do a Backstab attack, preface your damage with the word “Backstab” (e.g. “Backstab 5 damage”). Your new damage value is your normal melee damage +1.

          When using a Dagger to perform a “Backstab” attack, you inflict your normal melee damage +3 instead of your normal melee damage +1.

The life of a Rogue is a dangerous one if you don’t know how to cheat death itself.

          You gain the Dodge feat and may use it for 1 SP instead of 2 SP.




Assassin: All Rogues are skilled at taking what they want, thus are Assassins adept at their crime of choice: murder. Trained Assassins can waylay their victims, knock them senseless and slay them with no time for defense or vengeance.

Scoundrel: The Scoundrel is dirty trick after dirty trick wrapped in a veneer of lies and deception. The world is a game and he intends to cheat. Count on the Scoundrel to take the heat off the casters, to allow the fighters some breathing room… and to run away laughing while they’re at it.

Swashbuckler: The clever quip, the flashing blade, and the audacity to do what no one else is willing to do–the Swashbuckler is the sum of those parts and more than even that. Swashbucklers fight with skill, but they meld it with luck, daring and a certain palpable yet intangible panache that only other Swashbucklers can match.