Priest Spell List

Below are the Faith Spells and the seven Spheres that Priests can learn from. While any Priest may learn Faith Spells, access to the spells of the other Spheres is restricted. A Priest may only learn spells from a Sphere that his or her religion grants access to. For example, Cruach, God of the Fir’bolg, grants access to the Fate, Knowledge and Battle Spheres. Earstwhile, Adarna of the Riverfolk grants access to Creation, Inquisition, Chaos and Tranquility. This means that while most Priests will share common spells with one another, some faiths have access to powers that other religions cannot ever have.

For more information on each Sphere and it’s corresponding spells click on the type title.

** All spells cost 5 build to learn.


Faith Spells can be learned and used by any Priest.

Faith Spells are manifestations of divine energy upon the world, invoked by Priests and honed through pious prayer, strength of will and unshakable devotion. These spells can be learned by the Priests of all the Religions of Midworld, providing that he or she has the necessary devotion and strength of will to be taught.


To whichever end a Battle Priest decides, the Sphere of Battle grants a Priest combative spells to use at their whim. These spells bring strength to one’s congregation, taunt foemen into melee and scourge unbelievers with divine power. The greatest of these spells imbues a Chosen with the essence of a War God, allowing them to invoke this holy energy and devastate heretics and heathens alike.



To a Priest of Chaos, the world is governed by Chaos; chance and fortune are not merely words but vital energies of the World. Through understanding these forces and their connection with the Divine, these Priests can exert their will over the ebb and flow of these energies, appearing extraordinarily lucky to the unlearned. Some Chaos Priest use these powers to profit from the ever-mutable world while others use their abilities to benefit their Chosen. Expect the unexpected when in the presences of these spellcasters.




The Sphere of Creation augments the creative powers of Priests, allowing them to mend broken objects, improve the craft of the faithful and even perform craftsmanship beyond one’s own knowledge. Despite their power, Creation spells often improve, mend or imbue. Thus, most Creation spells are non-combative ritual spells that enhance their subjects or perform tasks that are not suited to the fracas of melee. Those Creation spells that are cast in battle tend to be spells of mending or spells of protection, for it is not in the Sphere’s power to directly inflict destruction.



Just as the deities of Fate and Death are terrible to behold, Fate Spells invoke the deathly and horrific aspects of divinity, inflicting enemies with withering energies or smiting them with holy terror. Beneficial Fate Spells grant otherworldly endurance to their subjects or even powers over the realms of death. The greatest of Fate spells imbues the essence of a Death God into its subject, transforming the target into a force of life and death, meting out judgment as a deity of Fate should.


All Priests of the Inquisition Sphere gain access to its powers of examination. More than a few Inquisition spells can tell if someone is lying or pierce disguises. Some spells grant Priests even more utility to perform their duties, allowing them to pursue a fleeing foeman or open doors that have been closed to them. The greatest spell of this Sphere is the Icon of Vigilance, which imbues the Priest with divine powers of observation and supernatural might to find and punish those who dare defy the will of the Gods.



The Knowledge Sphere focuses on three main aspects: the acquisition of lore, the manipulation of magical energies and the usage of ancient rituals for personal gain. Knowledge spells can glean information through divine guidance and hypercognition, use the souls of the Chosen to store spells and rip apart the magic of another spellcaster. This magic is most prized for its ability to heighten the spellcasting talents of their Chosen, utilizing holy inspiration and forgotten power to strengthen one’s understanding and manipulation of reality itself.



Specializing in protecting one’s Chosen, these spells focus on beneficial effects such as healing or granting resistances against affliction. The power of tranquility can also be used on others, weakening the attacks of foemen or momentarily tranquilizing them. One of the most guarded and holiest powers of this Sphere grants the power of a Life God unto a willing Chosen – armed with such magic, a believer is suffused with life energies that he can use to support his companions at the cost of losing any ability to attack.