Multi-Class Paths

Multi-Class Paths


What are Multi-class Paths?

A Multi-class Path is a way to expand the talents and repertoire of your character by giving them some of the abilities of another Class.


Who can Multi-class?

This character option is only available after you have reached 10th level (i.e. you have earned and spent 150+ build points).


However, you cannot Multi-class into a Class that you already have. A Marksman cannot enter the Sharpshooter Path, for example.


How do you Multi-class?

To multi-class in Seventh Kingdom, you have to enter a Multi-Class Path that is appropriate to the Class it is associated with. A Multi-class skill has several Tiers that allow progressive access to more and more of a particular Class’ feats, skills spells and abilities. Each Tier (except the first) costs Build to learn and requires an teacher. Some Paths and Tiers allow for high-level Player Character teachers while others require NPC Trainers only.


You can Multi-class into as many Classes as you desire. However, while you are progressing on a Path, you cannot leave that Path and go to another until you finish the Path that you are advancing. This means, once you enter the Summoner Path, you are barred from entering or beginning any other Path (i.e. Mythic or Multi-class) until you learn the Summoner (Rank 5) Path.


Each Tier (except the first) of every Multi-class Path requires build to purchase (0/10/20/30/40).


Similar to learning a Skill, entering the next Tier of a Path does not allow any other advancement or gaining of new Skills, Feats or Spells that Moon. This means that which you enter a Path Tier, it counts as learning a Skill for that Moon.


How can I start Multi-classing?


Assuming that you are at least Level 10 in your Class, you are not currently progressing in any Path and you have the necessary prerequisites, you may begin a Multi-Class Path. Each Path has a specific set of requirements that must be fulfilled.


Multi-Classes and their Analogues
















Generally speaking, the Martial Paths (Thief, Warsoul and Sharpshooter) tend to be easier to enter than the Magical Paths (Totemsoul, Occultist, Summoner and Invoker).