Multi-Class Path


A Multi-class Path is a way to expand the talents and repertoire of your character by giving them some of the abilities of another Class. This character option is only available after you have reached 10th level (i.e. you have earned and spent 150+ build points).

Invoker: A wielder of divine magic, ordained to protect their faith’s Chosen and advance their religion’s cause.

Occultist: A supplicant to the powerful entities beyond the world, risking all in pursuit of power.

Sharpshooter: An artist with bow, crossbow or thrown projectile — death from afar made flesh.

Summoner: A spirit-speaker gifted by the Elemental Lords with the magics of the world.

Thief: A taker and a reaver — skilled in the arts of trickery and subterfuge.

Totemsoul: A mortal able to tap into the Totemic spirit that possesses them, gaining greater power and magic in the process.

Warsoul: A brawler, a brave and a bruiser — men and women seeking steel and discipline as a means of survival and supremacy.