Hunter (Marksman)

Build Options: Hunter characters can choose to spend their Build Points on Marksman Skills or Marksman Feats

Overview: Hunters are Marksmen whose expertise lies in the uncanny location and swift destruction of their unwary enemies. Any archer can perform an ambush, but an ambush sprung by a Hunter is an ambush that few can walk away from.

Hunters comprise a fair amount of archers that hail from the wild places of Midworld, mortal souls that invest their time and skill into ranged deadliness for the sake of survival rather than blood-thirst or mastery. When the land has but poor leavings for the wandering tribe, who can they trust but to their hunters to lead them out of famine?

And yet, Hunters are more than just survivalists and trackers. The greatest Hunters come from humble origins to reach the heights of legendary prowess. It was Kerrek Keen-eyes, a Birdkin Hunter, that tracked down and slew the sphinx that lay siege to the city of Greenfort with a single bolt. The Wild Elf known as Erin the Sharp won the battle of Featherwind Forest by stalking and shooting the enemy general before she could set flame to dry wood.

The Hunter is the arrow from the darkness, striking without warning and without remorse. Let the prey weep and wail – it will not deter the hunt and it will not deter the Hunter.

Role-playing Notes: “Patience and Cunning make the Hunter” say the Birdkin of the Longbeak Tribe. Thus it is that the majority of Hunters that hold to such verse are as feared as they are deadly. A skilled Hunter is shadowy death upon the heels of his enemies – inescapable and inexorable.

They are not bound by pride or over-confidence. That is the way of lesser Marksmen, who let emotions and other insignificant matters become obstacles in their lives. Some Hunters are quiet and others are boastful, but all believe in constancy and dogged determination. Once the hunt has begun, the Hunter will not let anything get in their way. As the wilderness can be harsh and cruel, so too must Hunters set aside the scruples of society and civilization to get what they have to get, to be who they have to be. When the hunt begins, there are only two endings –  the Hunter fails or the prey falls.

There exists no Hunter that never fails, but all prey, without exception, must fall one day.

SUB-CLASS FEATURES: A first level Hunter automatically receives the following abilities at no cost to build:


          You learn the Critical Strike feat for no build cost.

          You can Augment a normal ranged attack or a ranged feat to inflict more damage. When striking the back of a target with a ranged attack, you inflict 2 more damage than you normally would. This bonus damage increases to 3 at 6th level and to 4 at 10th. Preface such back attacks with “Sneak Attack”


          Gain the Camouflage skill.

          While hiding, you may gain a free (0 SP) use of the Critical Strike feat that does not require aiming. Preface the feat with “Hunter’s” (e.g. “Hunter’s Crit! 10 damage!”)

The following Sub-class features can only be gained when the Character reaches the required level and has learned the required feats, skills and/or spells.

Level 2: Fade into the Shadows

Requires: Flee the Scene

A true Hunter prepares for combat instead of merely jumping into the fray. To that end, you have an eye for escape routes and hiding places that few can match, much less surpass.

Once per period, you may say “Fade into the Shadows!” and do one of the following:

          instantly perform a Flee the Scene feat for 0 SP. All attempts and feats used to chase you will fail; clarify this to your pursuers.  

          Alternatively, you may say “Fade into the Shadows” while you are beside a wall or tree to instantly become invisible as though you had successfully used the Camouflage skill.

Either way, you gain 2 SP while you are escaping or hiding.

Level 4: Guide the Pursuit

Requires: Pursue Quarry feat and Hobbling Shot feat

Hunters can work extremely efficiently when alone but can work with having companions with equal ease.

When you use the Pursue Quarry feat, you may take up to three of your allies with you. When you return to the game, you gain a free (0 SP) use of the Critical Strike feat or the Hobbling Shot feat. Preface the feat with “Hunter’s” (e.g. “Hunter’s Crit! 10 damage!” or “Hunter’s Hobbling Shot”)

Furthermore, whenever you use the Hobbling Shot feat and you successfully affect your target, you can touch an adjacent ally and grant them a special melee attack that they can use on their target. Their next melee strike upon the target of your Hobbling Shot inflicts “10 damage”; this must be used within 1 minute of your Hobbling Shot. Clarify these mechanics to your ally.

Alternatively, your next ranged attack against your hobbled target is a “Sneak Attack”.

 Level 6: Shoot to Kill

Requires: Deadly Precision skill

The wise Hunter knows when its time for a Hunt to end; at that point, a Hunter can loose a deadly arrow to finish his mission and his enemy at the same time.

Once per period, you may say “Shoot to Kill” and then throw an arrow-packet at a target without aiming; in mid-throw, say “Piercing! 30 damage!”. This attack bypasses any shield or weapon and inflicts 30 damage upon your target if you hit it.

If you miss with this attack or it is otherwise negated, you experience a powerful wrath that keens your spirit like a knife’s edge. You regain 2 SP.

Furthermore, the additional damage granted by your Sneak Attack is now increased to 3.

Level 8: Adept of the Lotus

Requires: Tolerate Poison feat and Student of the Lotus skill

Hunters follow the rules of the Hunt, the law of Predator and Prey – to that end and to ensure that their quarry meets its demise, many Hunters stud
y the use of poison and venoms. With these and other preparations, a Hunter’s victory is almost always assured.

When using the Student of the Lotus Skill, you need to expose armor only once before applying the poison.

In addition, you are never affected by your own poison if you are interrupted while applying it your weapon.

Lastly, a weapon that you envenom remains in that state for an hour or until the poison is expended.

Level 10: Fog of War

Requires: Master Camouflage skill and Confounding Shot feat

Because stealth and subterfuge is the Hunter’s advantage, some Hunters learn several tricks and maneuvers to turn any battlefield to their advantage.

Once per moon, you can turn the tide of a battle through marksmanship and superior tactics. To do this, say “Fog of War” and throw 5 arrow-packets in rapid, consecutive order while saying “wave! Confuse 30!” in mid-throw. No attack may target or hit the same creature more than once. While Confused, a creature may take no actions nor move unless the Confusion is prematurely broken or until the duration runs out.  

Lastly, the additional damage granted by your Sneak Attack is now increased to 4.