Bow-Slinger (Marksman)

Build Options: Bow-slinger characters can choose to spend their Build Points on Marksman Skills or Marksman Feats.

Overview: All Marksmen are deadly with ranged weaponry, but there are none as flashy and skilled in the use of ranged attack feats as the Bow-slinger. As taut and as precise as the weapons he wields, the Bow-slinger always has a trick up his sleeve when it comes to dealing death from afar. The name Bow-slinger is used for those who master the Bow or Crossbow. Those who master throwing weapons go by Axe-slinger or Knife-slinger depending on their weapon of choice.

From studying every piece of wood, every inch of metal and every twine of string of his weapon of choice, the Bow-slinger has gleaned a deadly knowledge that he can bring to bear upon his enemies. The words “Impossible shot” mean little and less to one who performs these “miracles” on a regular basis.

An experienced Bow-slinger is a sight to behold, sending steel flying everywhere with deadly precision that borders on the supernatural. When such a figure is abound, expect arrows not just to fly forth, but to fall like waves of rain.

Role-playing Notes: Like the Armsman and the Swashbuckler, the path walked by a Bow-slinger is one wherein mastery of weapon skill, albeit of missile weaponry, is the foremost concern. The archery range is the Bow-slinger’s sanctum and holy ground. He practices there day and night to achieve the uncanny accuracy that he is known for.

And the natural fruit of such toil is pride. Bow-slingers are often proud of their skills, proud of their triumphs and proud of their weapons. Many Bow-slingers are quick to challenge other folk, Marksmen or not, to duels or contests. A contest between two Bow-slingers is flashy enough for an audience whether it is a crossbow duel at high noon or a bout at the archery range. More than a few Bow-slingers are prone to boasting of their accomplishments, listing each fallen foe, each defeated rival with a broad grin on their face and a twinkle in their eyes.

And then there are those Bow-slingers that seek to test their skills and their wits by joining hazardous expeditions and perilous quests. They might or might not brag about what they’ve done, but the feeling of triumph from surviving danger after danger is enough to sate their conceit.

SUB-CLASS FEATURES: A first level Bowslinger automatically receives the following abilities at no cost to build:


          You learn the Critical Strike feat for no build.

          Once per moon, you may choose to specialize in either Bows or Crossbows. After practicing your shooting and/or studying your weapon for at least 10 minutes, your Critical Strike feat will now You inflict 2 additional damage when you use the Critical Strike feat with the ranged weapon you specialize in. This bonus to damage dissipates at the end of the moon.


          You learn the Snap Shot skill.

          Furthermore, you may use this skill every 60 seconds instead of once every 5 minutes.

The following Sub-class features can only be gained when the Character reaches the required level and has learned the required feats, skills and/or spells.

Level 2: Parting Shots

Requires: Knock back feat or Hobbling Shot feat

Part of being a Bowslinger involves acknowledging your weaknesses – melee is one such weakness and to overcome it, this maneuver was invented. With it you can send enemies sprawling or cripple their movement with several well-placed shots.

Once per period, you may use this Feature by saying “Parting Shots” and then throw three arrow-packets in rapid, consecutive order; in mid-throw for each of them, you may say “Knockback 10” or “Cripple Left Leg 10”. A target that receives a “Knockback 10” must move 10 steps directly away from you. A target whose left leg is Crippled by this Feature, can only move at a slow limp for 10 seconds. Either way should give you enough time to retreat to a safe area or buy enough time for your allies to screen you from further attack.

Level 4: Trick Shot

Requires: Patient Archer skill

Bowslingers are renowned for their precision and their accuracy, even without expending their stores of energy, a true Bowslinger can cripple his target’s arm or leg at the cost of opening himself up to attack.

When using the Patient Archer skill, you may gain a free (0 SP) use of the Hobbling Shot or the Crippling Shot, instead of merely the Critical Strike feat. 

Level 6: Rain of Steel

Requires: Bow Expertise skill or Crossbow Expertise skill

By focusing upon the destruction of his enemies and throwing all else aside, a Bowslinger can sow steel death upon the ranks of his foes.

Once per period, after performing an aim count, you may say “Rain of Steel” and then throw 5 arrow-packets in rapid, consecutive order while saying either “wave! 10 damage!” or “Wave! Knockback 10” in mid-throw. No attack may target or hit the same creature more than once.  

Level 8: Eyes like a Hawk

Requires: Sense Hidden feat

The mark of a Master Bowslinger lies in sharp eyes and sharpened instincts, a Bowslinger without these lacks the necessary talents to excel in his craft.

When you use the Sense Hidden feat and reveal an enemy, you gain a free (0 SP) use of the Hobbling Shot feat or the Crippling Shot feat. Preface either feat with “Bowslinger’s” (e.g. “Bowslinger’s Hobbling Shot”).

Furthermore, using the Sense Hidden feat only requires 5 seconds of observation.

Level 10: Storm of Steel

Requires: Bow Mastery skill or Crossbow Mastery skill

The Bowslinger’s path lies with perfecting the arts of marksmanship; only through true knowledge of his weapon’s workings can a Bowslinger truly call himself a master of his craft. A Bowslinger with such skills can rain a storm of steel upon his foes, striking them down or scattering them like a true steel-born tempest.

Once per Month, after performing an aim count, you may say “Storm of Steel” and then t
hrow 10 arrow-packets in rapid, consecutive order while saying either “10 damage!” or “Knockback 10” in mid-throw. These attacks have no targeting restriction.

Furthermore, the bonus to Critical Strikes granted by the Missile Specialist feature is improved to +4.