Marksman Sub-classes: Marksmen must choose from one of three sub-classes: the Bow-slinger, the Hunter and the Skirmisher.

Build Options: Marksman characters can choose to spend their Build Points on Marksman Skills or Marksman Feats.

Class Overview: The Marksman is a fighter that specializes in the use of ranged weaponry, of bows, crossbows and throwing weapons. On and off the field of battle, there is no one as skilled a Marksman when it comes to sending steel deep into the heart of an enemy.

But the Marksman is more than missile weapon specialist. His skills have trained his senses to a fine edge- an expert Marksmen is as keen-eyed as a hawk and has ears and a nose as sharp as a wolf. Only stealthiest intruder can pass beneath his gaze without detection. Those that would have something to hide would do well to avoid a Marksman’s presence. Those that try to escape would be hard-pressed to do so when a Marksman is abroad.

The Wild Elves of the Frostwing Tribe have a saying: “There are good Elves and evil Elves, rich Elves and poor Elves, young Elves and old Elves, but in the end, all Elves are worth only a well-placed arrow”

Phys Rep: Any character that uses Bows or Crossbows need to carry a physical representation of a quiver in order to use the Bow or Crossbow.

Class Features: Marksmen receive these Class Features at first level for no build cost.


          Choose one of the following skills: Crossbow Proficiency, Thrown Weapon Proficiency or Bow Proficiency – you get one of these skills for no build cost.

          Furthermore, a Marksman using throwing weapons can throw arrow packets instead of using throwing weapons (throwing knives, throwing axes, javelins or throwing hammers) when he has at least five throwing weapons on his person and one in his hand.

          Lastly, Marksmen gain the Pierce Shield feat for no build cost.


          All Marksmen begin the game with either the Sense Hidden feat or the Sense Deception feat for no build cost.


Bowslinger: The Bowslinger specializes in knowing his weapon: each inch of wood and steel, each twine of string. Of all Marksmen, the Bowslinger alone is the master of the speeding arrow and the whirling blade. The words “impossible shot” mean little and less to one who performs these “miracles” on a regular basis.

Hunter: The Hunter is the arrow from the darkness and distant death from nowhere. Hunters are silent stalkers and sharp-eyed snipers – focused more on the quick and deadly kill than on a prolonged battle. Death dealt by a Hunter is more likely to be one without knowledge of its origin.

Skirmisher: The Skirmisher is a daredevil archer, defying the conventions of Marksmanship by being in the front lines and dealing death from a single blade-length away. Those who corner a Skirmisher often have puzzled looks upon their features when he kills them in close proximity as easily as he would from afar.