Mystic (Adept)

Build Options: Mystic characters can choose to spend their Build Points on Adept Skills or Adept Feats.

Overview: The first Mystics have their origins with the Obsidian Kingdom of Kenrei and their philosophers. The tale goes that a Kichi-gaari Berserker named Shin found renown in battle but wrought only tragedy in his home. Sorrowed and repentant, he built a place of refuge for those of his brethren that grew tired of a life of rage and wrath and wanted only contemplation and quiet. Shin gathered followers slowly but steadily among the other Adepts who feared that their powers would one day overwhelm their will.

Shin’s philosophy spread quickly across Midworld and even the Silver Elves attribute their order of Mystics to Shin the Repentant. So it is in the modern age that the Mystic is the placid pond and the windless plain – an Adept that controls the power of his Totem and channels it with discipline and meditation. Whereas Berserkers and Zephyrs prize passion and movement, the Mystic finds strength in willpower and stillness. To a Mystic, control is of the utmost concern – it is the mortal that must control the Totem and not the other way around.

Role-playing Notes: Shin taught his disciples control and restraint, so must you maintain a life that reflects these values, Kenrei or not. Primary among these values is the concept of silence.

“The central tenet of the Mystic orders is self-control.

Silence: He who controls his words, can control his thoughts.

Discipline: He who controls his thoughts, can control his soul.

Power: He who controls his soul, can control the world”

– The Riddle of the Repentant

This primary tenet does not mean that the Mystic never speaks a word – it means that a Mystic, in order to achieve the necessary spiritual order required to channel elemental energy, must learn to speak only when he needs to. Many Mystics follow the letter of the primary tenet: speaking only when absolutely required. Some Mystics only speak in riddles or rhyme. But there are those who follow the spirit of Silence: they speak freely, but everything they say has a hidden purpose, whether it is to befriend, deceive, or disarm.

SUB-CLASS FEATURES: A first level Mystic automatically receives the following abilities at no cost to build:


          You gain the Sense Deception feat.

          In addition, you may say “Iron Fist” in response to a Disarm attack for 0 SP in order to negate it.


          You gain the Parry feat for no build cost.

          Furthermore, while using a Pole-arm or Staff-type weapon, you can Augment the Parry feat to defend against ranged weapon attacks such as arrows and thrown weapons. When you do this, say “Spinning Parry” instead of “Parry”. A Feat cannot have more than one Augment or Modification at a time.

          Once per period, you may enter a Mystic Trance. This Sub-Class Feature’s actual name is dependent on the type of Riddle you choose.


The Riddle of the Lion

Totem: Earth

The Riddle of the Lion was one of the first Riddles to be posed. The philosopher King Moto Sashi answered this Riddle when his bride’s father sent assassins to slay him. “I stand alone but I strike as many.”

Benefit: While you are in a Mystic Trance, you inflict 2 more points of damage when striking with a melee weapon.

The Riddle of the Viper

Totem: Moon

The Riddle of the Viper was developed when the Kenrei philosopher known as the Sage of Sands was tasked by the king to determine whether a clever man can slay 20 sand trolls in a single night. “In such circumstance, my king, no man but a clever man may accomplish this task.

Benefit: While you are in a mystic trance, you gain the following benefits:

          your Moon Strikes inflict 2 more points of damage.

          In addition, when attacking an enemy from behind and when striking his enemy’s back torso, a Soldier can slow his attacks to deliver stronger strikes. To do this, preface your damage with the word “Backstab” (e.g. “Backstab 5 damage”). Your new damage value is your normal melee damage +2.

The Riddle of the Sirocco

Totem: Storm

The Riddle of the Sirocco was pondered by the Kenrei philosopher, the Sage of Flowers, who wondered how something as weightless as the wind can bring ruin to cities and armies alike. “If the wind is without weight, then it is utterly unburdened by weakness or hesitation. Such must a man be, to unburden himself of all flaw to gain the strength of the wind.”

Benefit: While you are in a mystic trance, you gain the following benefits:

          whenever you are hit by a melee attack, you may immediately perform a melee attack against your assailant while saying “Knockback 3”; this costs 0 SP.

          you use the Storm Strike feat, you inflict 2 more points of damage.

          Lastly, you are free to move as fast as you wish while in a Mystic Trance.

The Riddle of the Sun

Totem: Sun

Legend speaks of the Riddle of the Sun, which was posed to an ancient Kenrei king by a Phoenix. The Phoenix asked the King this question: “It does not burn but it illuminates. It flickers but it not falter. It holds truth but spreads it. What is it?” The King gazed
upon the Sun-hawk and spoke three words. The Phoenix then gifted him with this Riddle.

Benefit: While you are in a mystic trance, you gain the following benefits:

          your Sun Strikes inflict 2 more points of damage.

          If you miss with a Sun Strike (or the Sun Strike is defended against), you make the attack again prefacing the attack with the word “Flickering” (e.g. “Flickering Sun Strike! 5 Fire!”). You may benefit from this once every minute.

The Riddle of the Snowflake

Totem: Winter

The Riddle of the Snowflake was created by the Silver Elves in their quest for knowledge after interacting with the Obsidian Kingdom. Following the principles of the Kenrei, they developed their own style of Mysticism and posed this question “Does a single snowflake herald the coming of winter or does it herald the coming of spring?”

Benefit: While you are in a mystic trance, your Winter Strikes inflict 3 more points of damage. Furthermore, whenever you successfully affect a target with Winter Strike while in a Mystic Trance, you may say “Heal 5” to regain up to 5 HP.

The following Sub-class features can only be gained when the character reaches the required level and has learned the required feats, skills and/or spells.

Level 2: Empty the Soul

Requires: Resist Charm feat and Spurn Death feat

By mastering certain meditative techniques that allow you to purge distractions from your thoughts, you gain the ability to completely purge your mind of all afflictions. Once per period, you may say “Empty the Soul” in response to a Control effect (any Pain, Force, Mortal, Incapacitate or Charm effect) that hits you and is not a Master-class effect; you then remove all Control effects from you.

After that, you may say “Heal 10” to regain up to 10 HP as your Totemic spirit takes away your injuries.

Level 4: Totemic Communion

Requires: Totemic Ascendance

You no longer need to be in a Mystic Trance to deliver a Totem Strike from a distance. Furthermore, your ranged Totem Strikes inflict 7 points of normal damage or elemental damage.

When you are in a Mystic Trance, you may perform a ranged Totem Strike for 0 SP if you preface the feat with 5 seconds of Channeling. If you do this, say “Bolt” instead of strike (e.g. “Winter Bolt” or “Earth Bolt”)

Level 6: Elemental Wave

Requires: Totem Strike feat and Knock back feat

Once per period, a Mystic may focus his Totemic energies and then release them into a wave of elemental force. To do this, say “Elemental Wave” and then you may perform 5 consecutive Totem Strikes (ranged or melee) against any targets within 60 seconds of using this Class Feature. Preface each Totem Strike with “Elemental” (e.g. ” Elemental Storm Strike! 10 damage!”). These Totem Strikes cost you 0 SP to perform.

Level 8: Snatch the Sky

Requires: The Parry feat, the Resist Charm feat, the Scorn Death feat and the Endure Pain feat

You and your Totem are closer than before and it lashes out with deadly retributive strikes against those who attack you.

Whenever you use the Parry feat, the Resist Charm feat, the Spurn Death feat or the Endure Pain feat to negate an attack, you may then perform a Totem Strike feat upon your assailant that costs 0 SP and must be prefaced with “Elemental” as above.

Furthermore, you gain the Riddle specific abilities of your Trance even when you are not in a Mystic Trance. This does not apply to the 10th level Sub-Class feature below or to the basic bonuses of a Mystic Trance.

Level 10: One With All and Nothing

Requires: Superior Totemic Ascendance and Superior Totemic Relentlessness

Once per moon, you may become one with your Totemic Spirit, drawing upon its endless energies and bathing in its spiritual power. To do this, you must channel for 5 seconds and then say “One with All and Nothing! Heal 100! 15 SP”.  You regain up to 100 HP and you are granted 15 SP that may surpass your actual SP pool. These SP disappear when you use them or after you complete a Short Rest.

Furthermore, you gain a bonus to damage based upon the type of Trance you use. This bonus to damage applies whether only while you are in a Trance.

·         The Riddle of the Lion: You have mastered the ability to apply massive amounts of force against your foes, striking as though you were 10 men.

    • You inflict 2 more points of damage when striking with a melee weapon.

·         The Riddle of the Viper: Your enemy’s weakness is your strength and you have enthroned this lesson in the court of your mind.

    • When striking from behind the target, you may spend 1 SP, say “Viper Strike” and then perform a melee attack that strikes the target’s back torso; say “Stun 5” in mid-swing. If you hit, your target is affected by a Stun that lasts for 5 seconds and you gain a free use (0 SP) of your Moon Strike to use on him. Preface this Moon Strike with “Viper” (e.g. “Viper Moon Strike!)

·         The Riddle of the Sirocco: You have cast your weaknesses to the seven gales, embracing the winds’ power, grace and cruelty.

    • The Evade feat only costs 1 SP to use while you are in a Mystic Trance.
    • Furthermore, when you are Channeling to use a Ranged Totem Strike, you may move while doing so. This movement is similar to that allowed by the Mobile Spellcasting skill.

·         The Riddle of the Sun: The radiance of the Sun blinds those who are look upon it, so too can you burn those who harm you.

    • When you take damage or use a Defense feat to negate a melee attack, you may follow it by spending 1 SP, saying “Riddle of the Sun”
      and then performing a melee attack against your assailant while saying “Blind 10”.

·         The Riddle of the Snowflake: You have grasped the concept of winter as a herald of destruction and of rebirth.

    • When you perform a killing blow upon an enemy, you may channel for 5 seconds to gain 15 AP that does not stack with any other AP.


Once per period, a Mystic may enter a Mystic Trance, a state of meditative focus and concentration that allows the Mystic to channel his Totem into feats and exploits of supernatural prowess.


o       While you are in a Mystic Trance, you may use a spell-packet to deliver a Totem Strike over a distance- a ranged Totem Strike inflicts 5 points of elemental damage (7 points of normal damage if you use the Riddle of the Lion). To do this, say the name of the feat before throwing the packet; in mid-throw, invoke the amount of damage you are inflicting.

o       While in a Mystic Trance, you are considered to have the Blind Fighting skill.


o       While in a Mystic Trance, you may not move faster than a fast walk (1 step per second) unless you are currently engaged with an enemy (and thus have to duck, weave and dodge). Breaking into a run ends the Mystic Trance.

o       You cannot enter a Mystic Trance if you are wearing any metallic armor such as Plate, Scale or Chain.


o       Five minutes after it is invoked.

o       If the Mystic reaches 0 HP or 0 SP.

o       If an Exorcism effect is successfully placed upon the Mystic.

o       If the Mystic is affected by (i.e. does not protect herself against) a Charm, Mortal or Pain effect. The distraction shakes her out of her Trance.