Berserker (Adept)

Build Options: Berserker characters can choose to spend their Build Points on Adept Skills or Adept Feats.

Overview: Berserkers are rage and wrath personified, lent strength and tenacity by their Totems to achieve supremacy on the field of battle. It was the ancient Jotunbrud who coined the term ‘Berserker,’ from the mythic fighters who wore nothing but bear pelts when they fought their foes. The Kenrei call them the “Kichi-gaari”, the Corpse-Eyed while the Riverfolk name them “Mag-sabil,” the death-seekers. The Dwarves name their Berserkers Battle-ragers, sending them drunk and screaming into the melee as bloody whirlwinds of steel and death. Some Berserkers are walking tempests, all sound and fury. Others are grim and quiet until provoked. But when possessed by their Totem, each and all of them fly into a state of fury that is fearsome to behold and deadly to be around.

Role-playing Notes: You bear upon your soul the mark of your Totem and this mark manifests in a powerful rage that imbues your flesh and spirit with incredible power. Your Totem influences your actions and demeanor, even as it colors the way you fight. For example, Sun Totem Berserkers tend to be proud and quick to anger whereas Winter Totem Berserkers tend to be icy and grim. A few Berserkers have personalities that are so strong that they prevent their Totem from influencing them. Some act against archetype in an unconscious display of overcompensation.

There are Berserkers that consider their rage as nothing but a curse; it has brought them nothing but tragedy and they fly into it only under the direst of circumstances. And then there are those who welcome the sweet embrace of their rage; they love how it completely sweeps them from coherent thought, how it brings them glory and it takes away all suffering in its euphoria. Still yet, some Berserkers are apathetic to their rage – they let it take them but they feel ambivalent about its presence; it has wrought them good and ill in equal measure and they recognize it as a necessary evil they must endure for the sake of their own survival.

Central to Berserkers are their rage, and how you perceive your Totem and your rage is equally important to your worldview and your demeanor. Berserkers are more than just their rage, naturally–almost all of them have family and friends. But how they react to their inborn abilities, to their heroic destiny, is a core concept that differentiates all Berserkers from one another.

SUB-CLASS FEATURES: A first level Berserker automatically receives the following abilities at no cost to build:


·For a Berserker, the Toughness skill grants 5 HP instead of 3 HP.

·When you use the Totem Strike feat for your Totem while wielding a two-handed weapon or while wielding a weapon in each hand, your Totem Strike feat gains a +1 bonus to damage.


·You gain the Endure Pain feat for no build cost.

·You gain the ability to enter a Berserker Rage, usable once per period. The type of Berserker rage you can tap into is dependent on the totem type you have chosen. See Berserker Rage below. This ability’s actual name is dependent on the type of rage that you can access (based on your chosen Totem).


Rage of the Stone Bear

Totem: Earth

The Stone Bear is known for his endurance and his strength. He is the Patron Totem of many Berserkers, especially those of the Stone Clan Dwarves, the Jotunbrud, the Firbolg and the Labyrinthium within the Jungle.

Benefit: While in a Berserker Rage, your melee attacks inflict 1 more point of damage and your Earth Strike feat inflicts 2 more points of damage.

Rage of the Howling Wolf

Totem: Moon

The howl of the wolf is a sound familiar to the Fir’Bolg, the Gotterdammurung and the Pendrakken. It is not unexpected then that their adepts take to Wolf-Rage so easily.

Benefit: When in a Berserker Rage, your Moon Strike feat inflicts 2 more points of damage or 4 more damage if you attack your target from behind (you must strike your target’s back torso and be positioned behind your target).

Rage of the Screaming Tempest

Totem: Storm

The Riverlords, the Grellkin Trolls, and the Obsidian Kingdom know well the power of storms to unseat the mighty from their thrones. Adepts from these Kingdoms often hold the storm totems close to their souls, unleashing thunder and lightning upon their enemies.

Benefit: When in a Berserker Rage, your Storm Strike feat inflicts 2 more points of damage.

Furthermore, when using your Storm Strike, you may apply its effects to two different enemies instead of just one. When doing this, say “Storm Strike” and then immediately perform a melee attack on two different targets, saying “Wave! X Lightning” in mid-swing for each attack – where “X” is the damage you would inflict.

Rage of the Radiant Phoenix

Totem: Sun

The Obsidian Kingdom knows well the wrath of the sun, but it is a stranger to the Sunless Kingdom. Nevertheless, Berserkers from these two Kingdoms take the Sun-bird as their Totem, to use as they will against those who defy them.

Benefit: When in a Berserker Rage, your Sun Strikes inflict 2 more damage. This damage bonus improves to a 4 if you use a Sun Strike upon an enemy that has injured you recently (within the last 10 seconds).

Rage of Deathly Winter

Totem: Winter

The Chained Kingdom and the Sunless Kingdom know all too well the fury of winter. Those Berserkers that hail from these Kingdoms often choose their Totem from the spirits of winter that reign in these lands.

Benefit: When in a Berserker Rage, your Winter Strike feat inflicts 3 more damage. Furthermore, whenever you use the Winter Strike feat while Raging and you successfully affect your target, you may then say “Heal 5” to regain up to 5 HP.

The following Sub-class features can only be gained when the Character reaches the required level and has learned the required feats, skills and/or spells.

Level 2: Was That All?

Requires: The Bravery Skill and the Resilience Skill.

Once per period, you may invoke this ability to completely negate a melee weapon strike. You must act as if you were injured by the hit, and then act out the swagger of shrugging the pain away.

After that, you may say “Heal 30” to regain up to 30 HP as your Totemic spirit takes away your injuries.

Level 4: Strike of Vengeance

Requires: Greater Totemic Guardian skill

Whenever you use the Endure Pain feat against a melee attack or when you receive 10 or more points of damage from a melee attack, you gain a free use of a Totem Strike feat for 0 SP against your assailant. Preface this Totem Strike with “Avenging” (e.g. “Avenging Storm Strike!” or “Avenging Sun Strike!”). You may benefit from this Sub-Class Feature once per minute.

Level 6: Whirlwind of Fury

Requires: Greater Totemic Ascendance

Once per period, a Berserker may strike all nearby creatures with the power of his Totem, inflicting 15 damage of a type based on the Berserker’s Totem. To do this say “Whirlwind of Fury! Whirlwind 15 damage!” – you affect everyone within a one-handed weapon reach of you – extend your weapon forward and downward to determine the extent of your reach. If you are using a two-handed weapon, you may extend it to determine your reach but you must keep one hand on the middle of the weapon.

Furthermore, the type of damage this Sub-class Feature inflicts is based on your chosen Totem:

·Earth Totem — normal damage (“damage”)

·Moon Totem– shadow damage (“Shadow”)

·Storm Totem — lightning damage (“lightning”)

·Sun Totem — fire damage (“fire”)

·Winter Totem — ice damage (“ice”)

Level 8: Rage Incarnate

Requires: Bloodied but Unbowed skill

When the Berserker uses the Bloodied but Unbowed skill, he uses 10 HP to activate it instead of 20 HP.

In addition, the damage bonus that you gain based on your Totem now applies whether you are in a Berserker Rage or not; this is only for the benefits that you gain at first level. You continue to gain the basic effects of a Berserker Rage only when you are in a Berserker Rage.

Level 10: Aspect of Wrath

Requires: the Superior Totemic Guardian skill and the Greater Totemic Relentlessness skill

Once per moon, when the Berserker falls into the hands of death (finishes his death count), he may say “Aspect of Wrath” to be revived by his Totem. When he is revived, he may say “Heal 100 and 10 SP” to regain up to 100 HP and 10 SP.

Furthermore, the Berserker’s Rage is further augmented by the blessings of the spirits.

·Rage of the Stone Bear: The Stone Bear is renowned for its tenacity and its endurance.

oWhile raging, a Stone Bear Berserker can channel for 5 seconds to gain 15 AP.

oFurthermore, when hit by a Pain effect such as “Cripple Limb” or “Daze”, an Earth totem Berserker may negate it by declaring “Stone Bear” (for 0 SP) if he is in a Berserker Rage.

·Rage of the Howling Wolf: When the Wolf is on the prowl, its prey has no hope to survive its fangs.

oWhile a Howling Wolf Berserker is Raging, the damage bonus of his Moon Strike feat is improved to a +6 bonus (instead of a +4) when attacking a target from behind.

oFurthermore, a Howling Wolf Berserker is able to use the Dodge feat while raging and the Dodge feat only costs 1 SP instead of 2 SP.

·Rage of the Screaming Tempest: The Storm cannot be denied, it arrives, destroys and leaves as it pleases.

oWhile in a Berserker Rage, whenever a Storm Totem Berserker hits an enemy in melee, their next strike can forgo damage to inflict a “Knockback 3” instead.

oWhen hit by a Knockback or a Snare effect, a Screaming Tempest Berserker may negate it by saying “Screaming Tempest” (for 0 SP). This may only be done in a Berserker Rage.

·Rage of the Radiant Phoenix: To ignore the Sun-totem Berserker is folly but to enrage him is greater foolishness.

oIf you take any Ice damage while in a Berserker Rage, you may say “Radiant Phoenix” (for 0 SP) to reduce it to 1 damage.

oFurthermore, while in a Berserker Rage, the damage bonus of your Sun Strike feat against someone that has struck you is increased to a +6 bonus instead of a +4 bonus.

·Rage of Deathly Winter: Summer does not last, say the Jotunbrud; Winter and Death come for all creatures.

oIf you take any Fire damage while in a Berserker Rage, you may say “Deathly Winter” (for 0 SP) to reduce it to 1 damage.

oWhile Raging, your Winter Strikes heal you for 10 HP instead.

oFurthermore, when you perform a Killing Blow, you are blessed by the winter totem – say “Shroud of Winter! Heal 10!” to regain up to 10 HP. This may only be used once per minute.


Once per period, a Berserker may enter a Berserker Rage – a state of superhuman fury that is mortal and spiritual passion combined into a fearsome whole.


o       The Berserker Rage temporarily grants the Great Strength skill to an Adept. He loses this skill after the Rage ends. If he already has learned Great Strength, then he deals 1 more point of damage while in a Rage. In this case, he does not lose the Great Strength skill after the Rage ends.

o       The Berserker Rage grants +15 AP to the Berserker, representing a phenomenal fortitude given by his wrathful madness. This AP will stack with all other sources of AP.


o       You cannot enter a Berserker Rage if you are wearing any metallic armor such as Plate, Scale or Chain.

o       While you are in a Berserker Rage, you may not use the following defense feats: Dodge, Block, Parry and Redirect


o       Five minutes after it is invoked.

o       If the Berserker reaches 0 HP or 0 SP.

o       If an Exorcism effect is successfully placed upon the Berserker.

o       If the Berserker does not engage a creature in battle within 30 seconds.

o       Berserker is successfully affected by a Mortal effect (such as Fear, Domination or Weakness) or a Pain effect (Cripple Limb, Daze or Stun).